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Computer Scanners: Turning Hard Copies Digital

What is the best way of reproducing documents if there’s one copy? Why photocopy machines work best for supplying multiple hard copies, another good form of making multiple versions of a printed paperwork is through a computer scanner. This PC peripheral is one of the required appliances found on an office, helping you turn back a printed document back to a digital source. It scans the documents and makes a digital file that you can save on your computer. The computer scanner is so important, that the technology is often put together with the computer printer, which also makes use of the scanner’s technology. Scanners come in different sizes and brands, making the product diverse enough that you can go for something that you will find most convenient.

The PC Scanners for You

Apart from being able to optically scan images, objects and documents, there are other types of scanners that are used for reading barcodes. You often see these types of scanners in department stores, boutiques as well as groceries. If you are planning to put up a store of your own, then you would definitely need one of these barcode scanners in it.

There are lots of types and design that is out in the market today, depending on your needs. Most are of high quality, and manufactured by well-known brands. For a convenient, fast and easy digital copy, choose the scanner that best matches your needs. Whether you are looking home computer scanners, mobile computer scanners or general portable computer scanners, you can be sure that you can find all types of computer scanners that you want all in one place! In Lazada Malaysia, you can find all of them and more for the prices and deals that you would not want to miss!

    Document Scanners

  • Device Overview: Document scanners are the most common form of PC sanning devices, created for office and school use. You can get the files you scan, and either print them up, or store them on your tablet, where you can read though the document without printing.
  • Specs and Features: A PC scanner makes use of a full scan capability to digitally reproduce the document. The image is compressed and, depending on your scanner, can view these “photos” on either 480p or HD resolution. The Computer scanner also has a general tray that loads different types and sizes of paper.

    Barcode Scanner

  • Device Overview: Unlike the standard computer scanner, the barcode scanner scans data on a barcoded item and records its numbers to the computer partnered with the device. The barcode scanner is perfect for any grocery checkouts, or for as a pass, that allows entry to an area.
  • Specs and Features: The barcode scanner makes use of infrared connectivity to scan different items with barcodes. When the code is scanned, its corresponding combinations gets recorded, and its corresponding information is shown. The barcode scanner connects to the PC using USB connectivity.