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Computer Software: No More Trial Version

If you have just recently bought a new personal computer, chances are that the new system would need the right programs to do the tasks you need to do. Having the right applications readily installed is very convenient, but if some of these programs are missing, then it is best to have a hard copy of the software you need. Installing these applications is not just applicable to a single device; you can also install the handy software in your other PCs, and even share them with your friends. With the right software in Malaysia installed on your computer and a hard copy within you, your PC will always get the right programs when you reformat each time.

Importance of Having Computer Software

So what is a computer software? Well if you have been using the computer for a long time, you have probably opened thousands of software already. The programs that you use, the anti-virus you run, even the games you play on the PC are all software; installed and running to make your PC function and unique. Different software is needed for different computers. Honestly speaking, a PC wouldn’t even be a good PC without the most basic software out there. Look for the most important software that can enhance your PC online, or through reliable local PC shops. But, if you can't find any, why don't you visit Lazada Malaysia, and discover yourself a wide array of software that is available for the best of software price in Malaysia too!

    Educational Media

  • Uses: This type of software houses the programs and quizzes students need for their study. Notes, packets, and information are found inside these programs and can even help prepare for exams
  • Advantage: This type of software application does not consume much memory space, and can be installed multiple times in several PCs. These also hold a good level of confidentiality for your personal information
  • Available types: Some of the most important educational software include Courseware, Study Aid, Classroom Aid, Assessment Aid, Reference Platform, and Custom Platform

    Office Tools

  • Uses: Probably on of the most important tools for a computer. The Office Tools allows you to type documents, make presentations, and plot graphs that can help you in your school and work
  • Advantage: While Office Tools are often built-in with the PCs, new iterations of the software are released each year. The updatability of this programs are helpful
  • Types: The most common form of this type of software is the Microsoft Office. Several iterations of this program include Office 365 Personal, Microsoft Office 2013 for Home & Student, Microsoft Office 365 University, and Microsoft Office for Mac

    Operating Systems

  • Uses: The main computer’s mind is also considered as software by many. The Operating System holds all the interface, connectivity and user interaction with the PC.
  • Advantage: Each update of the OS means that the PC user experience also gets better. The OS also determines if the other software installed in the PC are up to date
  • Types: The most well known OS for computers is the Microsoft Windows, with its latest at 8.1 (Pro or Basic). Some companies also still use Microsoft Windows 7 OS

    Security Software

  • Uses: Security software protects your entire computer from suspicious malware or virus that may crash your personal computer. These also clean your PCs of unwanted files and buff up the overall memory and productivity of your PC
  • Advantages: Often times, the anti-virus software offer trial periods to see if the program is good enough for your PC. Once the trial is up, you can distinguish if the software is for you
  • Types: Some types of the security software include Anti-Virus, Firewall Protectors, Spyware Removal Software, and PC cleaners