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Tripods & Monopods in Malaysia: An amazing photography experience

If photography is your passion and you love creating memories through your lens, then these tripods & monopods are the ones for you. They are exceptionally light in weight so that you can easily carry them wherever you go. These devices are highly flexible and versatile so that you can place them in different positions and take amazing shots.


Why should you choose tripods & monopods?

  • Non-slip rubber feet:-The tripods & monopods are the best suitable for outdoor photography. They come with a built-in bubble level which makes the tripod perfectly leveled. In addition, they are fitted with the non-slip rubber feet, so that each of the legs can be conveniently adjusted and get the right support when capturing different shots.
  • Improved shots even after sunset:-It so happens that after sunset, the natural lighting gets reduced. In order to get more light into the lens, the camera will automatically shutter speed and exposure when it is set in the night mode. However, if the shutter speed is low, there is a higher probability that the camera will shake and result in unwanted blurring. The tripods & monopods come to the rescue in such situation by minimizing unwanted camera movements, thus improving the photo quality even after sunset.
  • Rest your heavy gear:- Rest your heavy camera gear such as your long telephoto lenses on the tripod and get amazing pictures!

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Lazada Malaysia offers tripods & monopods at cost-effective prices online. You can place the order on our online portal or mobile application. We guarantee a quick delivery of the package and ensure safe payment alternatives through online banking, cash, and card. Your satisfaction is our first and foremost concern. Our customer service team is available 24*7. You can always contact our executives in case of any query and they are always eager to assist you.