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Women's Jacket Makes You Look Fab

Women's jacket adds stylish and glamour in any kind of outfit. It is usually the finishing garments in rainy days or cooler days. It gives you great style impact, like for example, when you're too lazy to look for some top designers and all you want to wear is a plain white tee, by adding jackets or coats to your outfit, your look can still be very outstanding. You can wear it anytime and anywhere you want as long as you dress it appropriately and you are comfortable with it.

Wear Women's Jacket Appropriately

So how will you know if you're wearing the right jacket? Simply by knowing the layer of the coat. Of course, don't wear too thick apparel if you're living in a tropical country, for sure you won't enjoy the feeling of wearing it. Also, don't wear a very thin layer coat when you're in a cold place, because that is basically, useless. It cannot protect your skin from the cold feeling. Again, wear jackets and coats appropriately so you can walk in your runway with your polished look confidently.


  • Materials: Fabrics usually used are Leather, suede, cotton, quilt, wool, and polyester
  • Styles: It comes with designs such as Collar, shoulder type, multi tilt, petite belted and fringe
  • Use: Ladies can now match any type of clothing they like with blazers
  • Brands: Stylish blazers coming from 101 New York, Dion & Mary, Love My Clothes and Well Suited clothing brands

    Lighweight Jacket

  • Materials: Cotton, polyester, silk, synthetic leather, wool, knit
  • Styles: Lightweight jacket varies on designs such as Reversible zipper, varsity jacket, quilted and plain leather, and eye catching prints
  • Use: Ideal for casual to smart casual use
  • Brands: 101 New York, Well Suited and CCI are the few brands you can choose from

    Denim Jacket

  • Materials: Made from high quality fabrics like Indigo denim, Cotton twill seamed in Warp threads
  • Style: Choose from Cropped, light wash vest, suede fringe, distressed denim, the styles fits you
  • Use: Ideal as an everyday wear
  • Brands: Well-known Denim jackets are made by Penshoppe, LZD and LZD Premium