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Comfy Flats for the Ladies

Women are trendy, yes. But, they still want to be comfortable and relaxed whenever they wear their shoes. While heels are very trendy, many feel better when wearing flats. This simple but much comfortable footwear comes in different colors, styles, designs, and brands. The best way in finding the perfect flat shoes for you is by evaluating your own fashion sense so that you can mix-and-match the shoes with the clothes in your closet. Are you a fashion diva or do you dress to the simple? Either way, there will be a perfect pair for you.

Chic Flat Shoes

You can choose some simple shoes that will match your clothes for a regular working day, but you can also go for trendy pairs, as well. Especially if you are wearing a very simple get up, flat shoes for women are designed to make your outfit more fabulous! You can also use these for formal events and even nights out if you aren’t very comfortable wearing heels. If you want to be sure what pair will really look good on you, you might go and search online for the model of the flats that you are eyeing or go to your nearest store to have a glimpse of the item you've wanted.

    Ballet Flats

  • Materials & Sizes: Most common materials used in making ballet shoes are Leather, and Suede. They are available in different sizes such as 7, 8, to 9
  • Features: Ballet flats are composed of lightly padded leather insole. It comes in heel inches which you can choose from. Each shoes differs in styles and colors, sure is there's one suit you
  • Brands: Celine, Michael Kors, Ohrelle and Huxley offer the best brands of ballet flats in the country


  • Materials & Sizes: Usually, espadrilles is another term for running shoes or sneakers. Upper part is made from canvas and cotton fabric which are very durable and the sole made out from jute rope- the exclusive feature of the product
  • Features: Composed of soft fabric shoe lining, shock absorbing midsole and it is rounded toe front
  • Brands: Sketchers, LeBunny, Suki shoes, Ohreal, Fushu, Ballasox are some of the brands making trendy espadrilles

    Loafers & Oxford

  • Materials & Sizes: Common material used by shoemakers is synthetic leather. Looking for it as a gift? There's one fitted to you. Sizes you can choose are 36, 37, 38, and 39
  • Features: Loafers & Oxford has the same features like they has lace attached under the vamp. Made from soft linings, this shoes are really comfortable to use
  • Brands: Popular brands making fashionable loafers & Oxford are Michael Kors, LeBunny, Melissa, Bass Women, Twinky, and Celine