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Women's Shoes: Be A Certified It Girl

Remember the saying from a famous Taiwanese series, "good shoes take you to good places". For a woman, it is not enough that she wears a good dress, but she got to match it with a perfect pair of shoes. Women fascination for it is never ending, they will always have time to go in a boutique and search for the styles that they want. There is always a huge competition when we talk about this matter, it’s because everyone wants to be on the latest trend. Enjoy travelling from one place to another using the shoes that were made from finest materials.

Women's Shoes in Malaysia: Consideration Upon Looking For the Right One

When women look for shoes, they always base it primarily on the design, quality and comfort. Designs matter for ladies; they will always seek for the newest style that is out in the market be it pumps or flats. With whatever stuff they buy, they always make sure that quality will not be at risk. Wherever they go, they always make sure that they can find comfort with the shoes that they wear. Wearing a comfortable one can boost up one's self-confidence when she walks in front of the crowd. Be a certified it girl, bring home fashionable shoes now!

    Flat Shoes

  • Material & Size: Shoemakers uses Rubber, Leather, and Silk in making flat shoes. They are available in sizes such as 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10
  • Items Available: Ballet Shoes, Loafers, Slips-on, Brogues and Lace-up, and Peeptoes are your choices
  • Uses: Flat shoes is great to wear on Casual, Work or School, Parties, Sportswear, and even Summer
  • Advantage: It is comfortable to use and can match it to any clothes


  • Material & Size: Common materials they used are Rubber, and Leather. Sizes varies from 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, to 10
  • Items Available: Types of sandals are Heels, Wedges, Platform, and Strappy
  • Uses: Best to use on Casual, Formal, Summer and Parties
  • Advantage: There's a wide variety of styles to choose from, whether your tall or not, you can definitely find one


  • Material & Size: Almost all shoes offer the same sizes. They are made from Leather and Textile
  • Items Available: Choose from Classic, Heeled, Cowboy, Biker, Lace-up, Ankle, and Rain your desired type of boots
  • Uses: Casual and Everyday Use
  • Advantage: Comfortable to use


  • Material & Size: Whatever shoe size you have, there's one fitted you. Brands uses Leather and Rubber as the main material
  • Items Available: Pumps, Sandals, Platforms, Peeptoes, Closed, and Boots are the choices for you
  • Uses: Ideal as work wear, attending parties and even occasions
  • Advantage: For those who are not tall enough, wearing heels is the answer, get ready to achieve sophisticated look