Aik Cheong Coffee Roaster making delicious coffee since 1955

Aik Cheong Coffee Roaster had a very humble beginning back in 1955. The business started two years before Malaysia's independence. In the beginning, the company started by dealing in coffee beans. Beans from different parts of the world, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Africa, etc., were imported. They then underwent grounding and roasting procedures before they were packed and sold locally. Now, the company is genuinely committed to providing the customers with top-tier blend varieties. It is relentlessly moving towards innovation in its product's research. They aim to spread the feeling of coffee brewing enthusiasm all around the globe with their products. 

Try out top-tier Instant Coffee, Oatmeal & Vitaflakes, Black Series, IT's Cup.

Instant coffee is made out of coffee's dried extracts. This variety of coffee is proven to be healthier than others in many aspects and is thus preferred by most coffee lovers. It contains a wide range of antioxidants as well as nutrients. The caffeine content in this variety of coffee is slightly lower as well. In addition to all these, it also has several health benefits, such as enhancing brain-related functions and reducing the risk of diseases. You can choose from a wide range of instant coffee variants online. In addition, there is a long list of exciting instant coffee packs available.

In addition to offering top-tier coffee, Aik Cheong also offers different varieties of Oatmeal & Vitaflakes. The company offers 5 in 1 instant cereal, which is made up of cereal grains containing high-fibre content. It is very easy to prepare, as all you need to do is pour it in boiling water, stir and serve. Thus, it is both healthy and easy to prepare. Instant Oatmeal is yet another easy-to-cook product that is also very healthy.

The brand also offers coffee in different forms factors. IT's Cup is a range of coffee packaged in a cup. There are several options available, including chocolate, matcha-latte, flat white, the-Tarik, etc. All you need to do is take off the top cover and consume it. The form factor adds to its portability. Another attractive offering is the brand's Black Series. The best part is that all of these products are readily available online for purchase.

Aik Cheong Coffee Roaster – One of the best when it comes to coffee

Aik Cheong Coffee Roaster has a massive customer base, especially in Malaysia. The popularity is mainly due to the company's excellent product quality. Many deem it to be the best company in the beverage and snack industry. The products are very sensibly-priced, which is yet another reason for its popularity. The superior quality paired with premium packaging makes their offerings very attractive. All the products are listed online and are available for purchase. So if you too want to experience authentic coffee, go ahead and place your order now.