Enjoy health and wellness with safety products from Alpro-pharmacy 

Staying fit, healthy, and safe is the utmost concern nowadays. For that, you need to adhere to some good habits, inculcate them in your daily life and use the best-quality products to stay safe. From sanitizers and wipes to facemasks and immunity-building supplements, everything is essential. To ensure, that the products are authentic and best in class, pick them up from top-notch healthcare brands like the Alpro-pharmacy. Known for professional service, authentic products, and in-house health professionals, this pharmacy caters to everyone.

Alpro-pharmacy takes care of your health and hygiene 

The healthcare brand has a vast collection of personal protection equipment and products. Facemask by this pharmacy is durable, good-looking, and super effective. The disposable surgical facemask is authenticated and approved by the Medical Device Authority. It is known for preventing the spread of bacterial infection and disease by 98%. Fitted with ear loops, these products fit in comfortably on the ears and do not hurt them. Made with best-quality non-woven fabric that nullifies the risk of allergies, these masks provide full coverage of the mouth and nose area and filter dust, pollens, and pollutants.

Alpro has a huge collection of super-effective hand sanitizers. They are made of 70% Isopropyl alcohol and bear the power to kill 99.9% of germs. Most of the variants are paraben and SLS-free and are safe for tender skin. Moreover, every hand sanitizer is nom-sticky, gets instantly absorbed and you don’t need to rinse it. These are super effective in killing microorganisms, especially when you come back from outside. It is easy, seamless, and quick to use, so this is one of the best choices for disinfecting when you are traveling. 

The pharmacy is known for its sprawling collection of wipes. Be it for kids or adults, the wipes are pH balanced, and hydrate, moisturize, and smoothen your skin. The baby wipes do not contain any harsh chemicals and odor and retain the softness of the skin. They are purely water-based and leave no irritation or itchiness after use. Mostly used for cleaning, these wipes are the best hygiene products that every mother should carry. Why only kids? The adults also use their wipes to keep themselves nourished, hydrated, and refreshed. These antibacterial wipes clean all types of microorganisms and reduce the bacteria count of the exposed area.

Experience your best health and wellness with Alpro

Located in Sendayan Village in Malaysia, this is one of the largest healthcare brands in the world. One of the leading names in the global healthcare space, it deals with a vast range of dietary supplements, health drinks, first-aid, baby care, personal care, and home medical support. Moreover, the company also has a band of empanelled doctors and clinical specialists who offer productive consultations on all kinds of healthcare issues. They also provide specialized care for elderly people. If you wish to check out any personal protection product, medicine, supplement, or medical devices, Alpro is the ultimate choice.