Safeguard your loved ones with Bion health devices 

Do you have ailing people at home who need medical care? Are you on the lookout for premier quality wheelchair and other health devices for them? Your hunt is over now as Bion has a wide range of health gadgets. Their wheelchairs are meant for different purposes, are quite lightweight, and portable. The armrests and footrests are totally detachable that make them easy to carry around while traveling. Also, the upholstery used is 100% breathable and can be removed so that you can clean and wash it at regular intervals. Should you need to fit it into a boot, just fold the backrest and make it into a compact size. The wheels are solid too, allowing for seamless movement. Made out of high-quality solid Polyurethane (PU) tires, they are more wear-and-tear-resistant and have a proper shock absorption than the conventional solid tires. 

The assisted brakes let the caregivers easily push the user around and the hand rims allow the user to self-propel. There are many variants in these wheelchairs. Pick up a reclining wheelchair if the patient needs to sit on it for extended periods and does not have the strength to move it around on his own. The reclining feature allows the user to change the body angle without much hassle. Get the motorized ones if you want the patient to be independent and move around in the wheelchair himself. These power machines can move through tight spaces and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

A plethora of accessories to choose from

The brand offers many health gadgets too. For instance, check out the types of thermometers they have in stock. The digital ones offer 10 seconds measurement and are waterproof. On the other hand, their non-contact temple thermometer is ideal for small kids. All you need to do is touch it to the temple of your child and it records the temperature in no time. Besides this, the brand offers a blood pressure monitor too. This device is the lifeline in a household with BP patients. It accurately measures the BP levels and keeps a record of a few that lets you monitor the individual. 

You can buy these health accessories at affordable prices online through Lazada Singapore. This saves time and effort to find a store selling this product. On our site, you can read detailed descriptions of all products so that you know exactly what you are buying. We also have a free home delivery system, which makes it all the more convenient to order from us. We have secure payment gateways; so don’t worry about fraudulent activities. On Lazada, you do not have to worry about getting damaged products because we will refund the complete amount as per our free returns policy. So, prioritize your health with these fabulous and must-have health devices! 

Why choose Bion?