Benefit – The cosmetic that makes you smile

Benefit was a makeup empire started by a pair of gutsy twins in the year of 1976. They are a cosmetic company that started from humble places in San Francisco and since then have almost touched the skies. Their main idea was to not only distribute makeup but smiles. After all, it is happiness that can act as the best and healthiest cosmetic. With more than 1000’s of brow bars, several boutiques, and locations spread through the entire world, this brand has made a niche for itself. They have also branched out into several other products like eyes, lip, face cosmetics, skin care, accessories, and fragrances.

A happy face – A wide smile with the best of cosmetics

This company has been termed as the brow brand. They have specialized in creating the best possible brows that one could want ever since they came into being. Whether you want a defined, natural, or a bold brow they have several products that cater to your every look. Their Gimme Brow+ is an eyebrow gel which has minute microfibers that stick to one’s hair or skin and can give your brow a fuller look. The brow setter is known to tame, shape and can set one’s brows for a complete day. They also have a brow pencil that is capable of drawing natural hair like strokes that compliment your face.

This was just talking about the brows; moving onto one’s eyes, they have the most perfect mascaras. Whatever look you may want, volume, curly, dramatic, or extremely lengthy, their collection can just do all that and more. Exotic looking lips can only be obtained with the Benetint. This brand brought the lip stain in the 1970s and it is still one of their bestsellers. Ever since, there have been several other tints that have come up. The best part is that these can be used on the cheeks along with lips too. These blend easily, and have a kiss proof feature that is known to last for hours.

Without the very base, no makeup would be of any use would it! Considering the face, their primers are excellent; these can minimize one’s pores, hydrate, mattify and allow your makeup to stay on longer. The concealers are pretty convenient too as one can apply them in a jiffy and be ready to go in minutes. The bronzer and blush collection is also considered unique due to the smoothness, and packaging. They also have accessories like the brush for application.

Get Benefit cosmetics for the benefit of your glam and style

This cosmetic company has been seeing it’s rightful place in every woman's vanity bag. Well liked and accepted by several, they stick by their quality and stringent testing. Since their connections and online presence, they have made it easy for customers to attain their products. Also their various discounts, deals, and limited edition sets act beneficial for all.