Biotherm – Planktons infused in beauty products

Biotherm came into being in the year of 1970 when it was attained by LÓreal under their Luxury division. A French skin care organisation, their story started from mineral water. The discovery of thermal plankton brought about the realization of a skin rejuvenator and healthy skin ingredient. This was then used in several skin care products which went on to become a popular and well liked brand. Skin care products and other cosmetics which take care of the entire body and face are what they create and have kept their customers happy with. Each and every product goes through stringent testing and is okayed by top ophthalmologists and dermatologists.

Health and Skin care to the very core of your system

With the various products at one’s disposal, one can choose any product to cater to their face, or other parts of the body. For example, the Biotherm Life Plankton Serum & Essence is a bottle packed with miraculous water having micro-organisms and helps in preserving one’s youthful skin. It is a concentrated formula and yet is extremely lightweight enough to be absorbed easily and hydrates one skin effectively. It claims to rejuvenate skin in 8 days itself.

Similarly, the Homme Aquapower Cleanser is a potent wash in the form of a dense mousse which exfoliates and cleans skin mildly. It has amino acids and oligo minerals which help in nourishing and revitalizing facial skin. It seems to have a moisture content equal to almost 5000 L of thermal water. They also have a toning cleansing gel for normal skin and for dry skin. This brand’s Homme total recharge Non-Stop moisturizer & cream intensely hydrates and keeps skin supple and healthy. Their range of moisturizers is again vast. These are made specifically keeping various ages in mind, different skin types, for night time as well as anti-ageing. The anti-aging cream has peptides and is known to firm up skin.

With so many areas taken care of, sun protection hasn’t been forgotten either. Their Homme UV Defense high protection fluid is known to protect one’s skin from the Sun while gently keeping skin hydrated and soft. Quite alike the City Plus light texture sunscreen is made with keeping city pollution levels in mind as well. With so many products that think of every area, one is always at an advantage.

Biotherm – Extraordinary properties for skin rejuvenation

This brand has a wide array of products for all its users; right from conventional products like hand cream, moisturizers, sun creams to more modern and chic ones like SPA products, fragrances, as well as therapeutic products. This company is widely known as it caters to both the sexes and not only brings out unisex products but also gender specific ones. Since their connections with online stores, they have become even more accessible and approachable for all consumers. With a click of a few buttons, one can get any product that they desire delivered to their doorstep.