Babyland your one stop destination for all things infants, babies, and toddlers

Camy Babyland Sdn Bhd was established in 2007. They are known for their wide range of baby products. Infants, babies, toddlers, and newborn products and accessories are available in a huge variety. The mom-to-be and new mom sections are attractive and high in demand. It is necessary to create a comfortable, snuggle soft and effective product for babies. They have very soft and sensitive skin. Any harmful chemical or harsh compounds can create allergies and rashes on their skin. The company has taken into consideration all safety and health aspects for designing a baby product. 

This affordable range of baby products is known for its multiple options segments. There is a section for baby formula and baby food. The baby needs proper nutrition and a balanced diet to grow. The nutritions can be provided through a healthy and nourishing diet. Formula food is one of the best-selling products that are available in different fruity flavors. There are options for stylish and cute spoons, bibs, water bottles, crackers, scissors, and cereals. The entire accessory is paraben and sulfate-free to use around the baby.  The brand is a blessing in disguise for you and your baby with its safe and unique products.

Babyland products with no paraben and no sulfate

Diapers and wipes are available with a soft touch. All the baby products are clinically and dermatologist tested. The products are perfect to use on a baby’s soft and sensitive skin type. Wipes are mostly made of water to remain gentle on the skin. It soothes the baby’s skin from harmful chemicals and gives smooth and soft skin. The easy-to-remove and pocket-friendly packs are available in wipe options. It has a small opening at the top to preserve the moisture in the wipes throughout. The product has no fragrance, alcohol, or paraben used in the manufacturing of the product. 

The accessories include feeding bottles, sterilizers, straw cups, etc. To make the utensils more attractive for kids, there are options available in many shapes and sizes. The designs like rabbit, mouse, banana, and ball are available to feed the baby with interest. There are water bottles and milk pumps for new moms to collect and freeze the milk properly for later use. Baby and kids toys are available like rattles, light and musical toys. 

Baby products for a healthier and active lifestyle

Feeder, nipple, or bottle products are available in huge sections with an ample amount of options. Night-timers soothers, washcloths, and covering clothes are also available that help in nursing and feeding your newborn. The company has created products to keep the mom and baby comfortable and cozy. All the products are safe and high quality and provide 100% customer satisfaction. Grab these for your baby now.