Indulge with personal care and hygiene with Colgate Palmolive

The ultimate name in the domain of personal and home care is none other than Colgate Palmolive. It is a globally renowned American diversified organization that deals with leading consumer and household products. From oral care, sanitary and hygiene products to hair and body care and cleaning kinds of stuff, this brand has everything. Launched in 1898, this 123-year-old company is still one of the top names worldwide. Used by millions of consumers worldwide, all their products suit every skin, hair, and household requirement. Headquartered in MidTown in Manhattan in New York City, this personal and home care brand is an integral part of every household.

Experience a classy lifestyle with Colgate Palmolive products

The global brand is present in all domains, but the first thing that strikes the mind with this name is oral care. Colgate is globally acknowledged and its plethora of dental care and hygiene products have augmented its popularity. The wide range of toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush, and other dental care stuff has made it a supreme name. The sub-brand of Colgate total has toothpaste catering to normal to sensitive teeth. Dental care products like gum gel, mouthwash, and floss ensure a healthy, clean, and shiny dental structure.

If personal care is the main concern, this is again the globally acclaimed top brand. The sub-brands Palmolive and Protex offer a wide range of care and hygiene products. From aromatic and invigorating body wash to fragrant handwashes that are easy and soft on the skin, Palmolive has everything. The products come with fruity, floral, woody, and citrus fragrances and leave behind long-lasting freshness. The Protex products are infused with natural ingredients like oats, almonds, and vitamin E. They are suitable for all skin types and make the hand and body soft and tender. 

Fabuloso is another sub-brand that is known for room and interior cleaners. These multi-purpose cleaners come with rejuvenating aroma and refresh the room and interior space manifold. From lavender, fruity, floral to passion fruit, aqua, and oriental, you can find all types of fragrances in these home care products. They are used in restrooms, kitchens, storerooms, or for mopping the rooms, leaving behind freshness and invigorated aroma for long hours.

Enjoy a sparkling home and healthy lifestyle with this global consumer brand

Along with this, the brand also has other sub-brands like Softsoap, Sorriso, Speed Stick, Hills, Meridol, Irish Spring, Tom’s, Axion, Fluffy, Hello, Danklorix and Tahiti. Every product is popular, safe, easy on the skin, and suits every type of household. Use it for house cleaning and home care and enjoy a clean and hygienic home. Include the personal care and grooming items in your daily personal care routine to enjoy a healthy body. All the products are highly acclaimed worldwide. Choose the products as per your requirement and make them part and parcel of your daily life.