DirectD – The hub for all smart gadgets

DirectD originated in 1999 in Malaysia and since then has been the major source of tablets, smartphones, as well as accessories. Their prices have always been competitive and the best for their consumers. With technology moving at a fast pace, they ensure that they bring in all the latest devices and gadgets. They have always given utmost importance to customer satisfaction and continue to strive towards it. Their service and delivery services have been popular and customers can be assured of quality and the best of deals.

Gadgets and devices for every need and budget

These days, smartphones are an absolute must for almost everyone. With so many models and brands anyone can find something suitable for their needs and requirements. Whether you want a high-end expensive brand or something simple which can just give you the basics, one can find anything at this flagship store. The usage and features that one can take advantage of are infinite. From the simplest of calculators, to calendars, to applications, and connectivity to other smart gadgets; one can use such phones for several things.

If you get a phone, then a wireless earbud would be a good idea too. Whether you want to speak to someone or would just like to listen to some music – such buds can give you privacy and great sound quality. They easily connect with the phone through Bluetooth. Most of the earphones made these days are ergonomic in nature, so the comfort factor also is included. The absence of wires makes movement easy and thus one can conveniently use such buds while exercising, jogging or during other activities.

Another attractive gadget is the smartwatch which is just like any other watch that can show us the time; but that is where its similarities end. These gadgets have the features of touch-screen and can be connected to compatible phones through WiFi or Bluetooth. These days, one can also get devices that do not need a phone for their functioning. One can use these to keep a watch on their health, and to follow an exercise regime. It can help with other emergencies or just behave like a phone wherein it can receive and make calls.

Get all your gizmos and widgets from DirectD

This flagship store is a center for not only the above items; they have almost any contraption that you can think of. With a tie-up with top class online stores, they have made it easy for their consumers to be able to reach their products. All the consumer needs to do is to go online, search for the needed products and place an order. Within the stipulated time, it is delivered right to their doorstep with hardly any effort on their part. If you are planning to purchase any gadgets and devices, you may think of this store.