Choose Hexa Food for adding taste to your food 

Hexa Food Sdn. Bhd. is a food manufacturing company. Their main products include herbs, spices, pre-mixes, and marinades. Started in 2007 as a subsidiary of Krisanya Sdn. Bhd., the company offers an amalgam of healthy and extra, indicating the taste and overall well-being of people. The technology and modern toll blend have made the company progress further. The industry meets all the regulations and requirements for maintaining safety and quality. All the machinery and equipment are digitized and modernized with integrating their software Pandora and HMI that provides better observation, yields, and connection. In 1997, Krisanya Bhd. manufactured flour and spice products. In 2007, the company changed its branding to the name “Hexa” with HALAL status.

Taste the tangy and spicy food with a wide variety of products

Most purchased products from the company are tepung atta, tepung suji, kimchi, garlic pastes, and tepung kacang kuda. There are more than 100 products in different fields of spices and pulses. These exotic herbs and seasonings are known for their refined taste and quality. Indonesian products like nutmeg, clove, and cassia with Sarawak pepper are also widely manufactured and sold. They have the largest consumers in Malaysia but export in a lot of Asian countries like Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. Powders like English curry and volcano chilli add exotic flavour to the food. There are culinary chefs and cooking videos for the benefit of consumers too.

The herbs and spices enhance the taste of your food and make cooking enjoyable. The unique smell and freshness of herbs make the food extra tasty. The innovative design, beautiful packaging, and wide variety of herbs for the Asian, European, and American markets have made it very popular worldwide. Star chefs also favour a wide variety of their products. You can add these products to any curry, meat, vegetable, or gravy to enhance the colour and fragrance of your meal.

Hexa Food: A healthy addition to your kitchen

BBQ and steak spices with essentials like rock salt and cane sugar have made the brand essential to the cooking system. All the products are manufactured locally with natural and organic ingredients. The quality is ensured with the ISO 22000 certification and HALAL, HACCP marks. As a result, the company is placed 50 on the enterprise list of SME-corps. 

There are product options in breakfast meals like oats mix. The food products are healthy and beneficial for patients with high BP and diabetes. The brand looks forward to serving each age group and category. The ingredients are all naturally collected to create a healthy addition to your kitchen. Affordable and high-quality products in large varieties are exciting for the consumer. Different flavours can be achieved by the customization of different spices together. So, grab them now.