Hush Puppies USA: your ultimate footwear specialist

Hush Puppies USA is a shoe-making brand that deals with contemporary, casual footwear for men, women and children. The brand's footwear is often regarded as "the classic American brushed-suede shoes with the lightweight crepe sole". Driven by the mission of inspiring individuals to live life on the bright side, the brand was founded in 1958. During those times, sore feet were called barking dogs, so the brand was named accordingly. By putting different colours and shades, the brand caters to the diverse interests of people in their shoes. They made compelling colours such as Pepto-Bismol Pink and Day-Glo Green. With all these innovative approaches, the brand vouches for comfort since the beginning and continues to add innovative ideas to its product line via the Bounce Technology platform. Today, the brand has grown to become a recognised icon in the global sphere.

Enjoy comfort at its best from Hush Puppies USA

The brand's mens wear in shoes is something you should definitely try. It includes a wide range of shoes, slippers, sneakers, socks, hats, walking shoes, and loafers. They are designed to allow comfort to the wearers. The sneakers are built with full-grain leather and are crafted with bounce technology. The BioDeWiz dry mesh lining in them is made with anti-odour technology. Apart from this, all the slippers, flats, and sandals come in beautiful designs, from trendy to classic, you can avail of different styles. All of them are equipped with moulded EVA for offering additional support. 

Another category the brand aces are womens wear. You can avail yourself of practical and innovative styles and for adding a subtle feminine touch. The ballet flats are something to check out. They have perforated arches, which makes them breathable. The HPO2Flex technology used in them provides cushioned comfort. Plus, the Zero-G technology makes them lightweight. For suitable durability and traction, it comes with a moulded rubber outsole that provides traction and durability. 

If you are looking for stylish footwear for your children, the kids wear from this brand is a must-try. With a comfortable preppy style, these collections add a distinct style to your kids. Be it for school-aged kids or preschoolers; the brand has a wide range of assortments for both girls and boys. The clean, timeless, and classic design is what makes them ideal for kids. Moreover, the gentle and sober styles are highly suitable for going to school or any community event. 

Make an ever-lasting impression with classy footwears

Hush Puppies' motto is to inspire people to live life with an optimistic approach. With various casual kicks for every individual, the brand has got styles across the board, including kids. Most of their items are available in bright and vibrant colours. However, if you prefer neutrals and nudes, you can also avail yourself of them. All of them fit true to size, which adds more worth to them. Shop today to wear funky and trendy footwear every day.