Enjoy the aromatic fragrances of Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a brand famous for products like scented fragrances and candles. The name of the brand is based on its creator. Estee Lauder bought the company in 1999. The creator worked with lauder till 2006 and created a huge range of products. She then left the company and started a new brand titled Jo love. The founder appeared on Oprah Winfrey's show and the products became the next sensation. She got many millions of bucks after the deal with Lauder. The brand is famous all over the world with exports in China, Israel, Korea, the Philippines, and Brazil. John Boyega was the brand ambassador for the brand till Sept 2020. Estee Lauder has introduced Jo Malone as a range for perfumes, scented candles, colognes, and bathing accessories

Get a delightful experience with each product of Jo Malone

One of the fragrances, wood sage and salt, released in 2014, won the award for the most daring fragrance for women in 2015. The award was presented by Marie Claire international. The fragrance is a sea salt on the skin after a beach day kind of feel. The perfumer Christine Nagel has worked with the company till 2014 to create new and exciting options. She created around 47 scents for the company.

Bath and body products created by the company provide a soothing and luxurious experience. The smell can make you relax and feel farm after a tiring and long day at work. There are ample amount of varieties available in this product range. The perfumes and fragrances are apt for different occasions and locations. It would work for you if you had a busy day, going to the office, interview, meeting, and Spa day or shopping. It enhances your personality and boosts your confidence.

A good perfume can help in making a high-end stamen for your personality. It attracts and charms people. It is an ice-breaker that influences people. At home, the vibes change with the addition of candles and other fragrances. Homely, beach, earth, natural, citrus, and musty smells can create a beautiful vibe for your house.

Relax, refresh and reset yourself everyday

Work can sometimes be overwhelming. A warm bath can relax and refresh your mind and body. The bathing set has exclusive varieties and options. Some of them are pear and freesia, sage and sea salt, peony and blush, and basil and mandarin. Fragrances instantly hit put mind and create a calm and warm effect. The scented candles in your home, room, and bathroom will provide a sense of peace. These wash and lotions for your body parts give you a high-end experience. The smell is infused effortlessly in the lotions and washes with the benefits of moisturizing and nourishing your body. Grab these products to experience utmost luxury and comfort.