Choose Kerastase, choose healthy hair

Kerastase is a France-based L'Oréal Professional Products Division responsible for manufacturing luxury hair and scalp care lines that distribute products globally. It started in 1964, and since then, it has been offering professional hair care to everyone. Beauty doesn't have a single interpretation, which the brand believes, thus offering hair solutions to every hair type. By working with the best hairdressers worldwide, their products stand out among the rest enhancing hair. Their deep-rooted knowledge about hair combined with scientists' expertise helped develop products that exceed the expectations of people. Be it a salon or a home; their products are a must-have to ensure healthy and voluminous locks. With the help of their community of hairdressers, the brand is committed to caring for your hair, so everyone can connect with their natural beauty, shine wherever they go, and dare to experiment with styles they choose.

Kerastase: the ultimate destination for all hair care solutions

When it comes to hair care products, Kerastase is the epitome of finest, setting a new standard. Their innovative and revolutionary products let you enjoy salon-like care at the convenience of your own house. The brand's shampoo is carefully formulated under expert's supervision catering to different hair and lifestyle requirements. It nourishes the hair from the roots, thus repairing and strengthening them with the help of various organic ingredients present in them. All of their shampoos are devoid of sulfate, making them even healthier. Based on your requirements, shampoos are dedicated to coarse hair, damaged hair, colored hair, dry hair, fine hair, and many more. 

The brand's conditioner is also one of the popular products that come in difficult varieties. With advanced scientific innovations and the finest fragrances, these conditioners are made to deliver salon-quality hair texture. The Fondant Renforçateur is one of them. It is a lightweight fortifying formula that works best on weakened hair prone to falling due to breakage. The formula offers the much-needed shine and moisture to the hair and detangles easily. The key ingredients in the product are Edelweiss Native Cells and ginger root. 

The hair oil of the brand is another flagship product that is used worldwide to have a thick and shiny mane. It helps in sealing the split ends and smoothes the hair to control the frequent frizzy texture. With the oil, your hair is regularly refined with intense shine. It just takes a week to show the visible transformation of hair by making it strong, shiny and adding more volume to it. Plus, it reduces the breakage of hair fibers. Based on your length, you can apply 1 to 3 pumps on your towel-dried hair and massage it uniformly over the hair. You can also use it for adding finishing touch after styling. 

Take the best care of mane with the best products

Kerastase makes iconic products by using unique ingredients that sink deep into the hair fibers, healing them from the inside out, resulting in resilient, strong, and deeply healthy hair. By catering to the diverse hair requirement, the brand looks out for the wider population. Buy their products today and keep your hair in excellent shape.