Unique toys and games your kids will love from Ilovekorea

Childhood is awesome if it is filled with toys and games for kids. Every child has his or her own toy to spend hours playing with. There was a time when kids had to invent their own toys and games using things around. Thanks to different toy brands in the world, there are hundreds of categories and millions of products to choose from now. Apart from being play-things, such games and toys can improve learning skills too.

IloveKorea is a seller on Lazada's website that specializes specifically in different kinds of toys and games for kids of all ages. The seller has more than 2 years of experience selling on the website and has hundreds of positive reviews. It also never has the history of delayed shipments. The seller deals with brands like LG, Samsung, Tayo, Oxford, Nano Blind, Zensus, Academy, Super Wings, David, Young Toys, Monami and more. You can pick from toy and game categories like building sets, die-cast vehicles, robotic toys, vehicle playsets and mini-figures. For all toy and games needs at home, buy from IloveKorea on Lazada Singapore and nowhere else.

Affordable toys that make your day happier from IloveKorea

Which kid does not like block building sets? These give hours of entertainment and also help with developing spatial skills and hand eye coordination. Depending on how old your baby is, the complexity of these sets varies. For slightly older kids aged 8-14, the 658 piece Oxford Block Military World War Series Building Block Set is a good choice. This is from the Oxford brand and the bricks are 100% compatible with all leading brands. They are also of high quality and safe for use. The set will cost you SGD 75 on Lazada. Robots are a rage with kids these days. The Super Wings Original authentic Transforming Planes Robot Toy is 5-star rated and come in six character variants. This is based on the Korean TV series called Super Wings and is a perfect gift for kids aged 3 and above. After a 66% flat discount, you get the toy for just SGD 24 from the seller now.

The seller also deals with smart phone cases for brands like LG, Samsung, Apple and other top phone brands. These cases are durable, stylishly designed and great for everyday usage. Lazada gives you a lot more benefits when you order online from its website. Free shipping is offered for all purchases. You can get the products home delivered without paying anything extra. After receiving the toy, if your child is not very happy about it, the free returns policy can be used to ask for a full refund. Lazada will pick the product back and give your money without any questions asked.