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Computers these days are not only about communication technology, but also perform several other operations together. Communities, individuals, organizations, governments – all depend on computer technology for innovating or producing several things. Education, transportation, communication, care, entertainment, services, as well as food industries depend on such technologies. Lenovo which originated in Hong Kong develops, designs, sells, and manufactures tablet computers, personal computers, workstations, smartphones, supercomputers, servers, smart TVs, and so much more. The Lenovo Malaysia Official Store also markets the ThinkBook, Thinkpad lines along with other laptops.

Thinkpads – Astounding design and performance

The Thinkpad is a laptop series which is made by Lenovo and is considered one of its best-selling products. It is ideally a laptop made for business users which came into being in the year of 2005. Having said this, it is also widely used in the education sector by large schools as well as universities. These are extremely durable for professionals and very impressive in design and performance. The functioning of the Thinkpad is the main concentration. It has long battery life and high Ram with Intel processors.

Thinkpad design may be basic, but it is extremely efficient and functional. Their display quality is popular, and many go for Thinkpads mainly due to it. Most of the pads have 14 inch sizes; they’re somewhere in the range of 15.6 to 13.3 inches. Some of the high-end products have 4K screens. Each pad has different processors; high end devices use Intel processors. Some of the popular Thinkpad series are the X, E, L, T, P, and Yoga series.

If you are a serious gamer, then Lenovo has the K500 gaming keyboard. This is a strong hardware piece which dominates the market and makes a gamer look impressive. The top cover has a lovely grey metallic color which can be lit up by RGB LEDs. The keycaps are laser etched so that they have a bright light effect. Every mechanical switch has been made in such a way that the gaming experience is enhanced. The cables are braided and stretch proof which is symbolic of Lenovo. The keyboard also has a palm rest which is conveniently detachable and molded for resisting dirt, grease, and dust.

Lenovo Malaysia Official Store for high-grade and innovative products

Whether you are looking for a tablet, smartphone, PC, smart TV, workstation, storage, or server you may think of approaching Lenovo Malaysia Official Store. Lenovo has always been about technology solutions that can create trustworthy, sustainable, and inclusive products. It is already one of the leading companies in PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Proper warranties and utmost customer service have always been their priority. Their wide range of products from wearable to storage devices makes it a consumer favorite too. Their laptops bring in a good deal of convenience and diversity and they match the needs of various kinds of people.