Midea: your go-to solution for all electronic appliances

Established in 1968, Midea is a specialist in manufacturing world-class household appliances. With over 150,000 employees, the brand is operational in more than 195 countries. Headquartered in Southern China, the brand is committed to providing surprisingly friendly solutions for people who love treasuring even tiny moments at their homes. It is a publicly listed name and has been ranked #307 as a Fortune Global 500 company that offers the world's most extensive range of home appliances. Recently, it launched its new motto of "Midea - make yourself at home," thus, making its appliances more convenient. The brand bags away more than 40+ design awards at various global design shows, adding more value to their name.

Enjoy a comfortable time at your home with Midea products

The brand specializes in making the best quality air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, kitchen appliances, and other household appliances. An air conditioner is one of their signature products as it is the world's #1 manufacturer of ACs. The state-of-the-art appliances keep your abode comfortable and cool every season. Under the AC category, the brand makes four different kinds of segments- window ACs, portable ACs, through-the-wall ACs, and dehumidifiers. Each of them serves a different purpose so that you can make a purchase based on your needs. These cooling & air treatment products of the brand are known for delivering powerful performance throughout the year. 

The washer & dryer of the brand are also known for their innovative technology and design. They are specifically designed for delivering the best washing experience and spending minimum energy simultaneously. The brand's refrigerator & freezer is another item to look for and is a must-have product for every household. Under this category, there are five different variants- full-size refrigerator, compact refrigerator, upright freezer, and chest freezer. The full-size fridge offers innovative features and comes with a vast space to store all your food items. 

The small kitchen appliances of the brand include some of its flagship items such as dishwashers and microwave ovens. The dishwashers feature the best quality cleaning technology with other attributes such as a hygienic sanitize cycle and an extended dry property to ensure the dishes are perfectly dry and clean after each wash. The brand's slide-in range is the perfect addition to your kitchen corner. They come with a powerful, 5-element cooktop that accommodates various pan sizes and. Most of the models are equipped with air fry convection mode, so you can enjoy tasty food without compromising on taste.

Get the best appliance for your home and ensure smooth functioning

Midea is a world-renowned brand for its specialization in home appliances. It lands up in different high-profile projects for this reason. In 2017, it won sophisticated HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) solutions in Brazil's 12 stadiums for sports games. Apart from its HVAC expertise, its laundry products are a must-have if you want to have an energy-efficient and hassle-free washing experience. The ergonomically designed flagship model (MWM085COM) features Sensor Drying Technology; thus, detecting the humidity levels.