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Liqui Moly is widely popular all over the world for their involvement in several sports. The main product of this brand is motor oil but they have gradually moved on to several other lubricants and oils that are extremely effective in keeping everything running smoothly. Molybdenum Disulfide actually works to enhance the quality of lubrication while offering emergency operating features when harsh conditions are encountered. This can be added to the motor or non-motor oils such as gear, transmission or differentials oils. The Liqui Moly Official Store has a wonderful range of products and you can pick the appropriate one for your purpose easily. For instance, you can buy the window cleaner concentrate at a 5% discount.

You can also buy the Liqui Moly auto silicone spray which is also available at a 5% discount. This helps to eliminate unnecessary noise and insulates easily. It does not have an unpleasant odor and can be applied on to the surface easily and effortlessly. It protects and cares for the plastic surfaces by forming a thin, transparent and protective layer on the surface. The auto wash shampoo is also a great buy as it is available at a 5% discount and is highly efficient in cleaning the outer surface without damaging the paint. The ingredients are biodegradable and it is powerful enough to remove any traces of dust, oil or grease.

There are several categories and several hundred products for you to choose from

If you are looking for a good car polish, then check out the range available through Liqui Moly Singapore. You can buy the Chrome Gloss Cream at a fabulously low price. This product has been specially formulated to remove rust, blank spots from chromium and decorative metals. It is effective and yet it is gentle enough not to corrode what is important. As it protects the chromium and decorative metal parts of the car, it restores the original brilliance of the metal. Similarly, you can buy the car wax coating that is now available in an aerosol can. This is the best wax-based corrosion protection you are bound to find. It is resistant to salt water and other corrosive influences.

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