Mr diy: The perfect solution for all your home requirements

In July 2005, Mr Diy opened its first store in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. With sheer diligence and hard work, the brand has become one of Malaysia's largest home improvement retailers. If you want to experience a wholesome family shopping experience, their store is the best place to be at. When it comes to online stores, the brand serves more than 80 million customers every year, which speaks volumes about its popularity and reliability and products. Large retailers around the world directly manage their stores. 

Mr Diy: The ultimate hardware expert

In the household category of the brand, there is a wide variety of housekeeping hooks and cloth baskets, kitchenware, living and bath products, dining sets, storage and organizers, home appliances, and different household accessories. These products cater to the needs and requirements of various households and provide them with optimum solutions. For example- in the storage and organizer section, the store has a large assortment of baskets, boxes and containers that comes in handy for storehouse essentials. 

Next is the hardware segment of the brand, which covers activities like plumbing, painting, adhesive, and gardening. Thus, you can use reliable hammers, toolboxes, power and hand tools, and locks and safety. Each segment is tailored for delivering a powerful performance. For example- the plumbing section- contains various bidet spray sets, drain cleaner, water fillers, thread seal tape, washing machine tub cleaner, and many others. Apart from this, you can also avail robust power tools used for accomplishing repair and maintenance tasks at various places.

Another segment of the brand is the stationary section. It covers all the items related to office supplies such as ID card cover, management file, stapler sets, utility knife, white masking tape, scissors, and sticky notes. The management file is available in ten different colours and can be used for multiple purposes. It is ideal for organizing and storing all the essential documents at the office and home. The sticky notes offered by the brand is also a must-have product as it comes in 5 different eye-catching colours and can be used for noting instructions, page marks, footnotes, and similar things.

Get the best of stationery items for your home 

Mr Diy is a popular name in the Malaysian region; however, the brand aims to expand globally and make its products accessible to everyone. Its motto of "always low prices" is what attracts the customers the most. Thus, you can always stay assured about getting the best value of money from whatever you purchase. Checkout their store today and shop on. Currently, the brand has achieved specialization in ten different categories of products, thus offering an average of 18000 product varieties at affordable pricing. With this, the brand aims to make itself a globally recognized retail brand and therefore, provide a diverse retail experience that caters to the various requirements of customers.