Get all accessories for photography at iCm Photography

Photography has seen a major surge in popularity in recent times. The presence of state-of-the-art photography equipment, as well as the influx of social media, has made people yearn to capture and document important as well as fun moments through photographs. The number of amateur photographers with a DSLR camera is on a rise all over the world. This increase in photography as a hobby is proportional to a rise in the sales of photography equipment. Various sellers and manufacturers are meeting this growing demand. iCm Photography is one such seller in Singapore that caters to the demand for all kinds of accessories needed for photography. 

Camera lens filters are an important part of any photographer’s bag and this seller has quality filters for all popular camera lenses. The professional polarizing lens is quite a hit among photographers as it can reduce reflections while increasing contrast. By using these filters, photographers can remove unwanted reflections from surfaces that are not made of metal. The filter has a screw thread at the front that makes it easy to attach other accessories too. Customers looking for a tempered glass screen protector for their camera can also buy that from iCm photography. The seller has screen protectors for most leading models of cameras. 

Choose a Bluetooth-enabled tripod stand for taking selfies 

Taking selfies is very popular these days and the tripod stand with Bluetooth comes in very handy for it. This stand is portable and can be carried anywhere with ease. Simply fold it ad keep in your bag and fish out when required. It is very light in weight too and thus easy to carry around. Customers can also buy a camera battery from this seller. They can choose from AAA alkaline batteries, coin batteries, AA alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, and even rechargeable batteries. Photographers can also buy an anti-fog cloth from this seller. This cloth is required to keep lens, optics or other surfaces free from fingerprints. 

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