Promote both physical and mental health of your pets with Royal Canin products

Feeding your pets with nutritious food at all times becomes extremely important to help them develop both physical and mental strength. Royal Canin is a brand known for manufacturing healthy food items for cats and dogs in various flavours and varieties. Founded in 1968, the French company has 53 years of experience introducing these pet supplies and is preferred by many veterinarians and animal specialists because of its uncompromising quality and healthy ingredients. 

This brand also has a customised nutrition plan that gives every pet owner the luxury of choosing the best food for their dear ones. GI Low fat, renal, high energy, and recovery liquid are the most popularly available variants. The pet food is available in different pack sizes that can be bought depending upon the requirement. The low-fat liquid dog variants keep your paw friends extremely energetic without adding extra calories into their diet. 

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This is a complete supplement and is loaded with antioxidants and other vitamins such as C, E, and taurine that enhance the overall development of your dogs. It also helps in fighting free radicals and maintains the shine of the coat. Since it is available in liquid format, it gives you the luxury of hassle-free feeding. Apart from this, a lot of other food products are available in both dry and wet variants and can be fed to your pooches depending upon their age, breed, and the performance. German shepherd adult, giant starter, cocker puppy, golden retriever puppy, mini digestive care, giant junior, golden retriever adult, and cocker adult are the available choices. 

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All these products are loaded with healthy ingredients such as dehydrated powder protein, animal fats, Hydrolyzed animal proteins, barley, wheat flour, marigold extract, fish oil, soya oil, vegetable fibres, minerals, maize gluten, and beet pulp in the right proportion to enhance the overall nutritional value. All these ingredients in combination work brilliantly well in keeping the digestive system intact. Thus, this is the best option for canines with sensitive gut and digestive tract. The junior puppy variant is an ideal choice for pups as it stimulates the appetite and is made using natural ingredients such as meat and animal derivatives, oils and fats extracted from vegetables, and other essential minerals. 

These products boost the immune system and help your pets fight against various disease-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses effectively. All these additives will increase the lifespan of your dogs and promote bone and joint health because of the EPA and DHA. The shape, size,  and texture of these kibbles varies from one breed to the other. If you want to see your furry friends happy at all times, introducing them to these health nutrition supplies can be a brilliant choice.