Sisley Paris flagship store – The hub for makeup and skincare

The Sisley Paris flagship store is a cosmetic company that is based in France. They develop hair care, skin care and other fragrances that are based on active plant ingredients. Their products are suitable for various skin types and have different usages like for anti-aging, moisturizing, makeup, as well as sun care. Sisley was established in the year of 1976 by Hubert d’Ornano along with his wife Isabelle. All their products are made available in perfumeries, department stores, beauty salons and spas.

Personal care and breathtaking aromas

This brand brought about its makeup and skincare range in the year of 1977. Their skincare products are known to be revitalising and hydrating so one can protect their skin ecology. These items are generally suitable for both men as well as women and are appreciated and well-liked all over the world. For example, their restorative facial cream has pretty much become an essential cosmetic for the entire family. Its aroma and quality has set it apart.

Not only in skincare, but their leadership in makeup items has been quite legendary as well. In 2014, the Twists was created. This was a skincare formula which was made with original colors. As per its namesake, not only was it attractive and playful, but it has a slight twist. It turned out to be a makeup product which was multi-purpose. It can be used on one’s cheeks, eyes, or lips, rather than being used exclusively for one particular area. Their makeup items are a little different as they also play a part in skincare.

Similarly, their most popular fragrances has been the Eau de Campagne. Quite alike the Eau du Soir, was based on the Alcazar Palace garden Seringa flower fragrance and is considered seductive and elegant. This has almost become a global phenomenon and is one of their bestsellers. The Izia is made for the fairer sex and has been inspired by a distinctive rose found in Berry, France. Their ventures have not been limited to these alone. They also introduced hair care along with skin care wherein the products specialized not only in hair protection but scalp too.

Only plant derived natural products at Sisley Paris flagship store

From the year of 2017, this brand has given its customers a unique urban experience. Maison Sisley gives users a chance to take advantage of the various products and items sold by this brand. They have locations all over the world and in Asia. Since their flagship store tied up with online stores in Malaysia, they have become very much accessible to customers. One can order any product online and get it ordered to their homes easily. If you are an environmentally friendly person, then you may certainly think of this brand as their products are sustainable and ecological.