Thundermatch: the hub of all best IT products

Since computers came into existence, the need for IT products has soared. Thundermatch has understood the need for it and thus provides the customers with the best. Founded in 1997, the brand is a premier IT retail chain store that manufactures various communication and computer products. Thundermatch Sdn Bhd owns and operates Thunder Match Technology (TMT). In March 2001, TMT was made a part of the company operating and managing as a one-stop solution for all computer and IT technology solution providers. Convenience, efficiency, and customer experience are the three areas the brand's products focus on. With an experience of almost 25 years, the brand has garnered the appreciation and trust of global consumers. 

Choose Thundermatch, choose reliability

Microsoft Surface Laptop is one of the brand's flagship products and is best known for the seamless experience it offers. Featuring ultra-thin design and sleekness, the laptops deliver incredible multitasking speed and now comes with a whopping 19 hours of battery life. The 11th Intel® Core™ processors allow a smooth flow when the user switches between browser tabs, thus ensuring swift performance across tasks and programs. You can choose between the larger 15" screen or, the smaller 13.5" screen in this category. The former is best suited for multitasking while the latter is lightweight, thus facilitating portability. 

The next product is the Asus Gaming Laptop of the brand, which comes in various models. Based on your gaming requirements, you can get the appropriate one. For example- the TUF FX505D-THN529T model. It has ROG technology which was created to create versatile and powerful gaming laptops. With top-tier graphics, best-in-class displays, and innovative cooling solutions, the gaming experience it offers is out of the world. The competitive GPUs and high-refresh-rate displays make them one of the best. Plus, the durability it offers is unmatchable.

The brand offers an extensive range of chargers, mobile adapters, cases, and cables when it comes to mobile accessories. The cases and cables available are from various popular merchandise such as Asus, Apple, Huawei, Skinarma, etc. They are durable, thus lasting for a long time. In terms of chargers and adapters, you can use various types and models that best fit your phone. 

Enjoy a seamless gaming experience with the best equipment

Thundermatch is the largest IT gadget retail chain in Malaysia committed to delivering cutting-edge and quality products and services, fulfilling the customer's expectations. Today, the world is witnessing digital transformation like never before, and brands like Thundermatch have made all of it accessible within an affordable pricing range. Buy the devices or products based on your requirements. Also, if you are a gamer, the store is no less than heaven for you. Buy them today and indulge in an immersive gaming experience!