Soothe the craving for drinks with Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar is one of the leading marks that serve palatable drinks to the customer. There are unique tiger stripes on their glasses that attract people. Their brand name originated from these tiger stripes only. The brand implies boba that is made of cassava starch. However, it grew as the first boba tea store that started selling brown sugar milk. Since then, it has expanded its stores overseas and has become the most successful name that offers these drinks. 

Boba is a structured pearl ball made with tapioca starch of cassava root. The outer surface of the balls is slightly soft, while the middle is chewy with a sweet texture. It is generally mixed up with brown sugar for a good flavour. In addition, people who are allergic to gluten can have this drink as it is gluten-free. Tiger sugar never fails to offer a tasty and delightful drink to its customers. Using fresh and healthful ingredients, they take the health of their customers as a priority.

Refresh your day with a drink by Tiger Sugar

You can get a diversity of boba drinks and order what you love the most. They offer drinks such as milk tea. It does not contain any caffeine, and customers admire it highly. The glasses here are crafted with traditional Taiwan brown sugar. They also offer Brown Sugar Black. If one loves black tea, they can get it with a fantastic flavour of boba. Similarly, if you are a green tea kind of person, they will never disappoint you. Their taste will make you fall in love with Brown Sugar Green Tea. Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse is the most famous among all their beverages. It is made with fresh cream and is topped with thick cream mousse and brown sugar syrup. 

Have some relaxation while sipping

The boba drink attracts people because of its visual appearance too. You need to shake the brown sugar boba drinks well before taking a sip. Customers can ask for a regular glass or a smaller one that fits great to their taste. They also offer varieties of milk teas and seasonal toppings that satisfy the customer's cravings. 

Apart from all these regular ones, they also offer a series of unique drinks. Tiger Cheese Mousse Golden Black Oolong Tea is one of the most prominent and best-selling drinks. It is made of premium oolong tea that offers a unique aroma. Moreover, this brand provides timely offers such as buy one get one for the customers' benefit. You can also ask them to adjust the ice and sugar level at the counter as per your requirement. Furthermore, tiger Sugar provides dine-in, takeaway, as well as home delivery services to save their customers' time. So, choose your desired one and order now.