Discover a wide range of consumer electronics at Ugreen

Ugreen is a China-based brand in Shenzhen, Guangdong. In 2012, Zhang Qingsen founded the brand, and it primarily deals with the manufacturing of charging equipment, audio devices, and digital accessories. Owned by Ugreen Group Limited, the brand rightly combines innovation and value. With the sheer dedication to building the best consumer electronics and accessories, the brand has been one of the leading names in technological innovations globally. Thanks to manufacturing, marketing, sales, R&D, and design, they have been able to deliver the best of products to the people. Today, the brand boasts over 40 million users and has thus expanded its business in 100+ countries. Not only this, but the brand is also the owner of several award-winning products Thus, its wide range of products is dedicated to offering the best backed up with premium services.

Get the best charging solutions from Ugreen

The brand has pioneered in providing the best charging solutions to its customers. Its phone cable is one of them. They are properly built with excellent quality raw materials, thus delivering complete power charging. Under this category, there is a wide range of products, such as USB C cable, data transfer cable, micro USB cable, and lighting cable. You can avail of them as per your phone requirements. With 100% efficient functioning, these cables are one of the best. Plus, it exhibits compatibility with different mobile phones, so the users need not worry about that front. 

The brand's USB cable falls under the same category and is also one of the best. Its USB-C multifunction adapter is also known to perform efficiently well on MacBooks. Though the cable is short, it suffices for using and placing on the table. For example- the Thunderbolt 3 cable (USB C TO USB C) delivers up to 100W of power delivery charging. Plus, it supports up to 40 Gbps of data transmission and 5K High-Resolution video output. These features make it a versatile cable too. 

Another flagship product of the brand is the earphone jack. These products are responsible for delivering exceptional sound quality; thus, listening to music or attending phone calls can be ultra-clear. Plus, the all-in-one control buttons help in the hassle-free operation of the earphones. The jack is made of top-notch materials, allowing long-term durability. All the earphones by the brand have got the certification of MFI; thus, when you connect your phone with it, there will be no error pop-up on the screen. 

Ugreen offers the best of accessories for your phones 

Ugreen's products are globally recognized in the market and industry professionals. Due to this, it became the laureate of industry awards in China and other countries as well. Its mission of providing excellent value to the users makes it a standout among its contemporaries. With this, Ugreen aimed to become a global name that vouches for humanity and value. To achieve this, the brand makes user-centric products and commits to incorporate innovative technology.