Universal Traveller Shop: Your One-Stop Shop for Everything for Traveling

For many Malaysians who often spend their time traveling abroad, Universal Traveller Shop is a no stranger to them. Founded in the 1970s in Singapore, Universal Traveller Shop has become synonymous with products that customers can source when they want to travel. With more than 60 retail stores in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, Universal Traveller Shop is now also available for Malaysian consumers via Malaysia's leading online shopping destination - Lazada Malaysia. As one of the top online stores in Malaysia, Lazada Malaysia is proud to play host to hundreds of products that are being sold by Universal Traveller Shop. Now, with everything can be bought online and at the same time can be purchased from the same shop, your online shopping experience has never been this easy and convenient!

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If you are here because you have learned the availability of Universal Traveller Shop here on Lazada Malaysia, you are about to experience online shopping made simple and practical. Here on Universal Traveller Shop, you can find a wide range of travel clothing, accessories, luggage bags and assortments of travel items and equipment that are for sale here! With Universal Traveller Shop, you will be able to shop everything that you need when you are traveling soon with ease! When you choose to shop here, you are able to choose from wide variety of traveling clothes that you may need to handle the colder climate with only a few taps of your touchscreen when you are online shopping through the Lazada Malaysia mobile app. Through the same app, you can also purchase the best travel luggage that you need to carry and store your important belongings while you are on the move.

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