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Gaming is a passion for many to such an extent that it is now professionally played. Age is no bar in this, but passion is what keeps the community so strong, and this is precisely what Viewnet-official-store understands. In 1999, the brand was founded by Mr. Simon Pang in Malaysia. It started as a single standalone store but today, has managed to open six different stores nationwide. The brand is growing strong with the new Information technology hyperstore concept called 'THE HUB.' The brand's positioning is the ease and flexibility with which it has catered to the ever-changing markets and requirements of people. They offer a wide array of IT products, including LCD monitors, printers, hardware, original softwares, networking, and various other accessories. Thus, it has become one of the leading IT stores in Malaysia. 

View net-official-store: the ultimate hub for all gaming devices 

The gaming keyboard of the brand comes in different colors and with features to match your whole system, announcing a design statement. They are modern, minimalist, and mobile. The lightweight and compact device also allows Bluetooth connectivity to facilitate multitasking even if you are on the go. What sets them apart is that the device offers a connection of up to three devices, even the one with a different operating system. You can switch between systems just with a tap. The ergonomic nature allows you to focus on the game comfortably. Plus, it fits in your bag perfectly, offering ease of portability. 

The gaming mouse from Viewnet is available in both forms- wireless and wired. Thus, you can choose one depending on your convenience. However, wireless mice are popular among gaming communities due to their ease of application. The mouse exhibits compatibility with Mac and Windows. Due to its small and compact nature, it doesn't take up much space. All you have to do is plug it into a USB port and start using it. The best thing about them is that the users need not worry about losing the receiver even after getting complete freedom of operation. Plus, they are easy to carry. 

The Gaming laptop is another flagship product of the brand. The resolution these products offer is impeccable. It allows you to play your game and stream hassle-free. With these systems, your gaming experience will be fantastic. The IdeaPad Gaming 3i, powered by 10th Gen Intel® Core™ H-Series processors, helps fast playing and streaming. You can also get access to around 100 quality games on Windows 10 with Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta). 

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In the past years, Viewnet has received multiple awards and recognitions from international brands, including Samsung, Intel, LG, Western Digital, Viewsonic, Seagate, etc. Its quest to always improve and provide the best quality of services to the customers has earned it a good reputation. Each product passes a quality check to ensure no piece turns out defective. So, get your favorite gaming accessories today and enjoy a seamless experience!