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The Different Watch Types, All Covered by Skmei

For those who have yet to understand the industry of watch-making, there are several different types of watches, all based on how they are designed and built. The watch is essentially a growing product, with new iterations of the timepiece all being produced each time. Still, the watch technology really doesn’t get obsolete, with groups of watchmakers are still making the traditional form of the devices that are still highly sought by hobbyists and watch collectors. This is primarily the reason why there are many forms of watches today. And one of the groups that make all the types of watches is Skmei.

Skmei Watch Review: All Types of Watches Made by One Brand

The watch making industry is one of the most complicated industries in the world, not only because a developer is competing with other groups of makers, but also because the many watch types can also mean that there are more developers who specialize in different watches that can compete with a group. The Skmei brand is really unique because this is the one brand that makes and sells all types of watches for the different people. These range from kids’ watches to LED watches. All of the devices that they have are premium, and can be very good for the people who believe in high value quality watches. If you are looking for the most impressive brand of watches in Malaysia, Skmei is ready and available to give you the proper wearables that will really suit your needs.

Why choose Skmei?

  • One of the few brands who markets all types of watches for their various users.
  • The Skmei watches are affordable enough for their features.
  • These watches are all capable enough to satisfy their local and international audience.

    Skmei Professional Watches

  • Skmei Quartz watch: The brand’s elegant, yet inexpensive watches run on Japanese Quartz movement, with crystal glass face and a choice of stainless steel casing and strap or a reinforced rubber layer on its casing, and full rubber on its straps. These also come in with Date and Day interfaces.
  • Skmei Stainless Steel watch: The Skmei line of steel watches fall under the Umeishi name, running Japanese quartz on a full analog movement. The watches use sapphire crystal for their face and durable steel straps for the devices.
  • Skmei Automatic Watches: The brand’s automatic watches pushes affordable premium even further by providing the customers the same functionalities as the other devices but with the added auto-sync feature and a chronograph for a more accurate time-telling.

    Skmei Casual watches

  • Skmei Kids’ watch: Possibly one of the most known sub brands that the group produced, their kids’ watches are praised for their durability and creative designs that suit both boys and girls. These watches are also made to be unisex.
  • Skmei Digital sports watch: The brand’s digital watch is first and foremost, durable and made for training purposes. While not sporting the smart regiments and coaching apps, these can still monitor your laps, time, and heart rate.
  • Skmei Dual time watch: One of the brand’s originals, the dual watch sports both analog and digital interface at the same time, letting you see a more diverse and fun way of telling time.

    Skmei Smart watches

  • Skmei LED watch: The brand’s LED watch line is made to be the most creative and premium smartwatch that you can use. While very high-tech, it does leave out some features, making this device more perfect as a start-up smartwatch.
  • Skmei LCD watch: The LCD watch combines the design of the traditional watch, with the capabilities of a smartwatch. This fun watch focuses more on telling the most accurate time, retaining the automatic features, while showing a much colorful background.
  • Skmei LCA watch: This analog meets smartwatch device showcases the new and old ways of telling time, borrowing the dual-time’s look to show how digital and analog can work side by side .