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Sony’s expansive reach proves its technological influence

Sony is everywhere. It can be on your phone, your TV, or camera. You might have played games on a Sony console, or even watched a movie produced by Sony. The brand’s influence has crossed generations and scattered through different devices, used by many families up to this moment. Everyone has heard of Sony, and its popularity will simply grow, as they continue giving back to their supportive fanbase.

Quality comes from experience, experimentation, and execution

Even the most basic devices that Sony produce can be considered flagship by any other company. Since the focus of the brand is on multimedia entertainment, its manufacturers look into this broad market, experiment on this expertise, and create gadgets that have these multimedia features as much as possible. Sony also tries to reach every target market they have, releasing midrange to start-up versions of their designed gadgets and use their feedback to improve on the ways they can give their customers an entertaining experience. So far, this strategy is working, and with a slew of TVs, consoles, audio tech, and phones on their belt, they can tap a greater part of the electronics market easily, every year. Whether you are looking for the best Sony Xperia Malaysia, Sony Malaysia TVs or Sony PS4 in Malaysia in general, you have nothing to worry if you do it here on Lazada Malaysia. On the site, you can find all of the listed Sony in Malaysia products that are listed and housed in one single place for you online shopping convenience. With thousands of their products listed here, it is only natural for you to get their products for the best Sony Malaysia price too!

Why choose Sony?

  • Sony is the leader of all full high quality entertainment devices and appliances for your home
  • Sony is a multimedia conglomerate that has transcended into other businesses such as the film industry
  • The brand has a rich history of producing the top products that are purchased by many families.

    Sony Bravia TV

  • Series overview: TVs under Sony Bravia Series have excellent image and sound quality not to mention innovative designs and styles. Their quartz design inspired by gems can improve the looks of any living room. You can also connect to the Internet in these TVs using your mobile device.
  • Types: The Bravia TVs fall under three categories – LED TVs, Smart TVs, and their 4K OLED TVs. All of them stream content at full HD resolution
  • Models: Sony Bravia’s available models include the X Series, W904A Series, W65A Series, and the W704A Series

    Sony Xperia Series

  • Series overview: Sony’s Xperia series covers smartphones and tablets, famous for their good cameras and high quality image production. Not to mention a bunch of entertainment features including unique camera apps. Aside from breathtaking innovations in camera, these line of smartphones are also famous for their product’s display quality with Triluminos display and Live Color LED.
  • Types: The Xperia series comprises the flagship Z series, the midrange M series and the stat up T series of phones. The Xperia also comes in Z tablet series
  • Models: The brand’s known models include the Xperia Z1, Z2, and Z3, Xperia E1, Xperia T2, Xperia C3, and Xperia M2 Aqua

    Sony PlayStation console

  • Series overview: The PlayStation is Sony’s premiere gaming console, boasting years of tenure as the leader in the console wars. The latest iteration, the PS4, uses the latest technologies to bring competitive HD gaming resolution.
  • Types: The PlayStation series covers both the home console and handheld devices. Their latest devices are the PS4 console and the PS Vita handheld..
  • Models: The brand’s available consoles include the PS3 Slim, PS3 Super Slim, PS4, and the PS Vita