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AB Malaysia - Roller Foam & Rocket Twister & Prince Pro

Many people want to get leaner, and for most, getting the abs tighter and slimmer is the biggest challenge. But you can now tone and strengthen your abs easier than ever before. Just use these three products.

1. The Ab Roller of Malaysia

The ab roller or rocket twister is an excellent product for working out your abs. This unit actually sits on the floor, and to use it, you sit inside the cradle of the foam rollers as you grasp the handlebar. From there, each movement is a crunch, but each crunch is supported by the foam rollers. This helps to cradle your crunches and make them easier but still worthwhile.

2. The Ab Prince Pro of Malaysia

The Ab Prince Pro of Malaysia is one of the best ab workout machines on the market. The product is situated like a seat, and user sits at one end. At the other end of the bench is a seat back that is situated at somewhat of an angle. There is also a bar that goes up and over the lap or ab area of the user.

To use this machine, the user simply reaches up and holds onto the bar. They can then lean up and back. With each movement, the abs are tightened, and the core is strengthened. In addition to moving up and forward, you can also use the support bar for the hands at a side angle so that the obliques are worked as well. This makes for one amazing workout!

3. The Roller Foam Malaysia

This last product from AB Malaysia is perfect for when you finish your workout. The foam roller is simply a cylinder that is made of a light-weight but very durable foam. These foam rollers come in a variety of colors, and you can even get them in different designs to match your personal style.

Finally, there are different sizes of the roller. This is because people need these products for different reasons. Some people use them to stretch with while others use them down the length of the whole back to massage and work the back muscles. It’s a great product to have in your home gym collection.