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Suunto GPS Watches: More On Adventure than Fitness

Following the technological advancement of the smartwatch and fitness trackers, action and adventure watches are also working on becoming more connected and versatile, as multiple terrains, adventures, and different environments may demand more from a watch, other than being rugged and durable. Suunto, a multinational maker of GPS and other portable navigation tools, is one to bring in the smartwatch technology into the durable and dependable sports watch, effectively pushing the capabilities of this already impressive watch more.

Unlike most sports bands and smartwatches, the capabilities of several of the Suunto smartwatches are leaning more on the navigational and connectivity features of their wearables. These watches all have the necessary monitors to work like any fitness tracker, yet the primary features of the timepieces all fall on their GPS connectivity, smart navigation, sensors and weather apps to determine the safety and direction of your journey.

Suunto Watch Gets Familiar with the Suunto Core

The Suunto watch has been out in the market for a few years, and one of the devices that has had rave reviews is the Suunto Core watch, which is designed to look like the conventional watches many people use today. While majority of the fitness band and smartwatch makers have also gone their way to design their products under the familiar look, the Core watch differs since the watch is built using the same materials as the premium devices. Still, it emits its durable aura and smartwatch capabilities despite the different build. Like its other smartwatches, the Core also comes with its own set of meters for measuring the environment, and giving you all recorded data gathered from your journey and fitness. If you're looking for the best Suunto price in Malaysia, visit Lazada Malaysia where we offer the best prices and deals for Suunto products in the country.

Why choose Suunto Malaysia?

  • One of the more premium watches designed specifically for sports and adventures.
  • The brand has a history of making the best navigation tools available, effectively incorporating them to the timepieces.
  • The durability and water-resistance of their devices is accomplished using the different forms of durability, coming from both premium and rugged watch designs.

    Suunto Ambit series

  • Overview: The Ambit watches are the altitude watches, used with the focus of resistance against the harsh conditions of a mountain or sea levels.
  • Specs and Features: The Ambit comes with a mineral crystal glass face, metallic casing and elastomer straps. The watch makes use of a full digital interface, with a compass, barometer altimeter, activity and sleep tracker and other app features for your adventure.
  • Available Brands: The Suunto Ambit watches come in Ambit Peak, Ambit Sport, and Ambit Run line of devices.

    Suunto Core Malaysia Smartwatch

  • Overview: Ultimate performance and features under a simplistic, yet durable design. This is what the Suunto Core watch defines in its devices, as this one of a kind watch combines the build and quality of both the smartwatch and the standard timepiece.
  • Specs and Features: The Core watch makes use of the sapphire crystal glass face with a composite steel case, and the signature elastomer strap. The watch is also equipped with a temperature system, on top of altimeter, barometer, compass, and even a storm alarm
  • Available Brands: The Suunto Core watch comes in Brushed Steel and Ultimate Black variants.

    Suunto DX Titanium

  • Overview: At first glance, you may think that this smartwatch looks plain and simple. Yet, build-quality-wise, this is one of the toughest watches ever made, using titanium to protect and add a bit more sophistication to this fully digital smartwatch.
  • Specs and Features: The DX Titanium uses a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for its glass face, and full Titanium for its case, bezels, and strap. This durable watch is also built to be very suitable for diving, with its illuminated face working underwater, and is resistant up to 500m. You can also pre-record diving patterns and warning monitors for oxygen or resurfacing.
  • Available Brands: The DX Titanium only comes in one brand as of writing.