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Tennis Balls in Malaysia: Get the Best for Your Game

Tennis balls are an essential part of every tennis game. They are specially designed for tennis and are easily differentiated thanks to their bright fluorescent yellow color. This colour makes them easy to spot on the tennis court during tennis sporting events. However, tennis balls can be virtually any colour when playing recreationally or for practice. All tennis balls are covered in a felt material which alters the ball's aerodynamic properties. Tennis balls need to be replaced after a while as their shape changed from continuous use. This causes the ball's aerodynamic properties to change and effect gameplay. Want to get replacement tennis balls or backup tennis balls for the best prices? Lazada Malaysia has the best tennis ball prices in Malaysia! Grab them today for the best prices and deals.

Different Types of Tennis Balls

There are two main types of tennis balls, which are the stage balls and standard balls. Stage balls are generally used for beginners. While they look no different than the standard balls pros use in tennis, they actually have a completely different level of performance. They are usually softer and lighter to get beginners used to it. The balls eventually get heavier and move slower to train players. Competitive players or players who have mastered the basic techniques in tennis would use standard tennis balls. Standard balls are divided into two pressureless and pressurised balls. Pressureless balls travel slower but are more durable than pressurised walls thanks to a thicker rubber wall which keeps internal air trapped.

Why Should You Choose Tennis Balls?

  • Tennis balls are essential to any game of tennis
  • There are actually many different types of tennis balls available
  • You can find the best prices for tennis balls and more online