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Turntables Home Audio: Classic Rendition of Music

Turntables have been one of the most insightful inventions in audio equipment and their history goes way back to the 1890's when the first phonograph was created by Thomas Edison. Phonograph, gramophone and such other inventions led to the development of the analog turntables in early 1900's.

In 1960's disc jockey's started using them to impart breaking and scratching effects in their tracks and this trend continues till today. Nowadays digital turntables are in trend which more and more hip hop producers and disc jockeys are using to mix the beats of their music.

Why should you choose Turntables Home Audio?

  • Smooth operation: The digital turntables are integrated with cutting-edge technology that starts playing a music record as soon as you press the button and the tone arm returns to its original positions only after the track is completed. As a result, the whole track is perfectly played without disruption. In addition, it also prevents unnecessary scratches that get inflicted on the records when the tone arm keeps rotating even after the music stops.
  • Built-in speakers: Listen to your favourite records in vintage gramophone style with these turntables that have built-in speakers which provide an improved sound quality. In addition, some of these turntables can also convert vinyl records to digital audio files.
  • Bluetooth functionality: These items are also incorporated with inbuilt Bluetooth feature that allows you to connect them with your smartphone, tablet and other digital devices for enjoying your favourite tracks.

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