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How to Choose a Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is typically used to support the hands, feet and body during the course of meditation such as yoga. These mats not only provide comfort and support but also prevent your hands and feed from sliding on the floor while performing stances. Here are some things to consider when choosing a yoga mat for yourself.

Width. Yoga mats are typically around 72 inch and have a width of 24 Inches. However, some practitioners would recommend wider mats for certain positions.

Thickness. High performance mats are around 7mm thickness while lightweight mats range from about 2mm and 4-5mm.

Materials. All yoga mats are made from PVC. However you can also find mats that are made of rubber, bamboo and natural jute which are more eco-friendly.

Design. Although this does not affect the performance of the mat, owning a mat that is aesthetically pleasing to you is a great bonus. These mats come in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Choosing the right yoga mat for you and your meditation is essential so you get the most out of your meditation. You can find a number of different yoga mats in Malaysia online. Some of the best yoga mat prices in Malaysia can be found on Lazada Malaysia.

About Yoga Accessories

Apart from a good yoga mat, you can also get a number of different accessories or equipment for yoga. Here are some equipment and accessories which can help enhance your yoga experience.

Gym Balls. Gym balls or yoga balls are great for back support or support in general especially when you’re doing positions which require a lot of balance.

Bags. Although just rolling up your yoga mat and chucking it into your car is easy, keeping your yoga mat in a bag makes them not only easier to carry around but also keeps them clean and ensures they last longer.

Socks & Gloves. There are yoga socks and gloves which provide extra grip and support so you don’t slip whenever you’re doing a difficult move.

You can find these and a number of other yoga accessories in Malaysia on Lazada Malaysia.