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LBX: Little Battlers eXperience - Nintendo 3DS Standard Edition
  • Customize your LBX to create over 30,000 designs!
  • Team up with characters from the TV series
  • Battle friends in 3-on-3 battles
RM 160.00 -18%
RM 195.00
South Korea
Nintendo Switch Console-Neon
(2 reviews)
  • Nintendo Switch is a breakthrough home video game console
  • It not only connects to a TV at home, but it also instantly transforms into an on-the-go handheld using its 6.2-inch screen
  • Players can enjoy a full home-console experience anytime, anywhere
  • Switch up your gameplay by removing your Joy-Con controllers from either side of the Nintendo Switch console
  • Play with a Joy-Con controller in each hand or invite a friend over and each take one controller
  • Add a whole new level to gaming with HD rumble, Joy-Con controller's haptic feedback
  • Can shake your controller and it will feel like there's ice cubes moving around inside a glass
RM 1,890.00 -24%
RM 2,499.00
Installment: 12 x RM 157.50
Nintendo Switch Joy‑Con Charging Grip
  • Combine the left and right Joy-Con into one larger controller with this handy grip
  • Keep playing while you're charging your Joy-Con, so you don't have to miss a minute
  • Both Joy-Con controllers can be slotted into this accessory to create a controller resembling the controller
  • Compatible with the Nintendo Switch only
RM 150.10 -16%
RM 178.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Magnetic Type-C USB Magnets Cable Phone Charging Line For Nintendo Switch 1M
(1 reviews)
  • Magnetic charge to reduce the plug;
  • With charging indicator, the correct instructions state;
  • With two magnetic head, ready;
  • The magnetic head can be used as a dust plug to reduce dust pollution.
RM 39.00 -43%
RM 69.00
Nintendo Selects: Tomodachi Life - Nintendo 3DS
  • Create Mii characters for people you know, such as your friends, parents, your teacher, plus anyone else you\'ve ever dreamt of befriending
  • Characters in Tomodachi Life act as living, relatable characters with a voice and a personality all their own
  • Players become the director to their Mii characters\' lives by helping them find love and happiness
  • \"E\"; Everyone w/Comic Mischief and Mild Fantasy Violence
  • Brand : Nintendo
  • Item model num : CTRPEC63
  • MPN(PartNumber) : CTRPEC63
  • EAN : 0045496744120
RM 197.70
South Korea
Wii Fit Trainer amiibo (Super Smash Bros Series)
  • Team up with your amiibo or play against friends in the Super Smash Bros.
  • for Wii U game
  • Customize your amiibo by adjusting their offensive and defensive capabilities
  • Build your amiibo to level 50 so that you can crush even the toughest opponents
  • Tap amiibo to the Wii U GamePad controller and watch your characters come to life in different games in all sorts of exciting ways
  • Additional amiibo characters and compatible games are coming soon
  • Brand : Nintendo
RM 454.94 -16%
RM 544.78
South Korea
3ds Super Mario 3D Land
(2 reviews)
  • Mario can perform a rolling somersault attack or run fast with a dash move.
  • New and familiar abilities add unique game-play strategies to the adventure
  • 3D visuals make it easier for players to judge the depths and distances in their environments. 
  • The Circle Pad gives players complete control 
RM 155.00
US Home Wall Charger AC Power Supply Adapter for Nintendo DSL NDS Lite NDSL
  • ·Input: AC100-120V 50/60Hz; Output: DC5.2V 450mA
  • ·Plug Type: US
  • Package include: 1 x AC Charger
  • Compatible With: Nintendo NDS DS LITE
RM 52.00 -24%
RM 68.00
Nintendo Wii Sports / Wii Sports Resort - 2 Games on 1 Disc Bundle Version
  • 2 Games on 1 Disc
  • Nintendo Wii Sports - 5 Games in 1: Boxing, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Baseball
  • Nintendo Wii Sports Resort - Water Sports, Sky Diving, Compete Against Friends
  • Engage in a wide range of exciting activities, including Sword Play, Power Cruising, and Disc Dog
  • For 1 to 4 players
  • Brand : Nintendo
  • MPN(PartNumber) : 90004
  • EAN : 0699965138073
RM 811.85
South Korea
Nintendo Switch Just Dance 2017
(2 reviews)
  • More than 200+ Songs
RM 139.00 -39%
RM 229.00
Circle Pad Pro - Nintendo 3DS LL Accessory (3DS LL Console Not Included)
  • Nintendo 3DS Slide pad  Compatible Cheap price
RM 100.00 -9%
RM 110.00
Key SD Memory Card Stick Converter Adapter for Nintendo Wii Console Video Game
(1 reviews)
  • Can be used to backup media using free custom applications
  • Package Includes: 1 × Nintendo Wii SD Memory Key Card Converter Adapter
  • Compatible with: Nintendo Wii
RM 28.80
Wired Infrared Ray Sensor Bar Receiver for Nintendo Wii Console Video Game
  • Suitable for: Nintendo Wii game console
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii infrared signal
  • Length: ~7.5ft
  • Weight: ~42.5g
RM 24.80 -35%
RM 38.00
Nintendo DS Lite AC Adapter
  • NOTE: For Nintendo DS Lite ONLY, NOT compatible with Nintendo DS or Dsi.Conveniently gives your DS Lite battery a boost whether you are on a business trip, in a hotel, or at home.
  • Small and lightweight accessory
  • Features fold-away prongs for easy travel and storage
  • World traveler (100-240V).
  • The innovative travel charger automatically adjusts to all voltages and frequencies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
  • Great for users who frequently travel and as a replacement charger.
  • Brand : Nintendo
  • MPN(PartNumber) : VF-12-NIN-DSL-WALLC-AS15
RM 179.62
South Korea
Pokemon Trozei
  • Find a line up over 380 Pokémon puzzle pieces to complete your Trozei list
  • Battle or cooperate wirelessly with friends to help uncover rare Pokémon for your collection
  • Rescue stolen Pokémon and uncover the evil plans of the Phobos Battalion in Adventure mode
  • Distribute a version of Pokémon Trozei with limited functions to friends, allowing you to compete or cooperate with a friend using just one game card!
RM 473.00 -29%
RM 662.00
South Korea
Dark Pit amiibo - Japan Import (Super Smash Bros Series)
  • Product Description
  • Team up with your amiibo or play against friends in the Super Smash Bros.
  • for Wii U game
  • Customize your amiibo by adjusting their offensive and defensive capabilities
  • Build your amiibo to level 50 so that you can crush even the toughest opponents
  • Tap amiibo to the Wii U GamePad controller and watch your characters come to life in different games in all sorts of exciting ways
  • Additional amiibo characters and compatible games are coming soon
  • Brand : Nintendo
RM 226.01
South Korea
RM 359.00 -10%
RM 399.00
Wii Balance Board
  • The Wii Balance BoardTM accessory was created from the ground up to work with Wii Fit.
  • The Wii Balance Board can read your real-life movements and bring them to life on screen.
  • Brand : Nintendo
  • Item model num : c
  • MPN(PartNumber) : 000000
  • EAN : 0156412299607
  • Product Dimensions(LxWxH) : 41x62x17cm ; 4876 g
  • Package Dimensions(LxWxH) : 53x35x11cm ; 4876 g
RM 1,693.10
South Korea
Mario Modern Color Amiibo - Japan Import (Super Smash Bros Series)
  • Japanese import
  • Released on September 10, 2015
  • Brand : Nintendo
  • MPN(PartNumber) : 4902370529975
  • EAN : 4902370529975
  • Product Dimensions(LxWxH) : 19x13x8cm ; 150 g
  • Package Dimensions(LxWxH) : 19x13x8cm ; 150 g
RM 234.40
South Korea
Nintendo Genuine OEM DS Lite Foldable Flip AC Adapter
  • Brand New OEM in Bulk Packaging
  • Great for users who frequently travel and as a replacement charger.
  • Features fold-away prongs for easy travel and storage
  • Small and lightweight accessory
  • Conveniently gives your DS Lite battery a boost whether you are on a business trip, in a hotel
  • Brand : Nintendo
  • MPN(PartNumber) : Y2.03/X1/F03L04
  • EAN : 0879562015414
RM 183.34
South Korea
Brain Buster Puzzle Pak
  • brain buster
  • nintendo ds
RM 1,621.00 -19%
RM 2,008.00
South Korea
Ultimate NES Remix - Nintendo 3DS
  • Rapid-fire challenges from 16 of Nintendo's 8-bit best!
  • Now you're playing with PORTABLE power!
  • Link vs. Donkey Kong vs. Boo! It's mash-up mania!
RM 362.00 -25%
RM 482.00
South Korea
Super Mario Bowser jr. Plush Doll 20cm by Nintendo
  • Soft Toy 20 cm - 8 inch
  • Free shipping on every product
  • Fully tracked delivery
RM 277.00 -31%
RM 402.00
Nintendo Switch Joy-Con SILICONE CASE - WHITE
  • 3 COLOUR
RM 19.00
Wp Kuala Lumpur
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2 Edition
(1 reviews)
  • - Take your game sessions up a notch with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.
  • - Includes motion controls, HD rumble, built-in amiibo functionality, and more.
  • - Comes with charging cable (USB-C to USB-A)
RM 329.00 -5%
RM 345.00
Nintendo Switch Blue/Red Joystick Controller With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Introducing Nintendo Switch! In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles
RM 2,039.00 -18%
RM 2,499.00
Hong Kong SAR China
Nintendo Switch OTVO Car Charger(IV-SW013)
  • USB Connection to console
  • Power Surge Protection
  • Built in Type C Cable simple,small and elegant design
  • Input 12-24V / Output 5V / 2.4A
  • Cable Length: 8 Feet
RM 28.00 -42%
RM 48.00
Wp Kuala Lumpur
Nintendo Switch Hori Tough Pouch - Black - (OEM)
(2 reviews)
  • Sturdy Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch
  • Holds Switch Game Cards and accessories
  • High quality materials and construction
  • Soft interior protects Nintendo Switch from scratches and wear
RM 45.00 -55%
RM 99.00
Wp Kuala Lumpur
Switch Fire Emblem Warriors
  • Play and experience a new kingdom with original characters colliding with heroes from across the Fire Emblem universe
  • Battle as fan-favorite Fire Emblem heroes, like Chrom, Corrin, Ryoma, Marth, Xander, and more, each with unique moves, special attacks, weapon types, and voiced dialogue
  • Pair up two hero characters as a single unit that can unleash devastating combos and even Switch between these heroes mind-attack
  • With the classic weapons triangle, tactically choose and Switch between Fire Emblem heroes to gain the advantage in combat against countless enemies
RM 225.00 -25%
RM 299.00
Wp Kuala Lumpur
Lucas amiibo - Jp version (Super Smash Bros Series)
  • Super Smash Brothers.
  • All Amiibos are region free.
  • Order from Japan Direct 2 U to insure your Japanese Lucas Amiibo will be bubble wrapped, and packaged in a secure box.
  • Brand : Nintendo
  • MPN(PartNumber) : NVL-C-AACF
  • EAN : 0737993414285
  • Product Dimensions(LxWxH) : 20x12x9cm ; 59 g
  • Package Dimensions(LxWxH) : 20x12x9cm ; 59 g
RM 166.11
South Korea
UK Type AC Wall Adapter Power Supply Replacement for Nintendo Wii Console Video Game
(2 reviews)
  • Plug Type: UK
  • Input: AC 100 - 245 V; Output: DV 12V 3.7A
  • Package Includes: 1 x UK AC Power Supply Adapter
  • Compatible with:Nintendo Wii
RM 44.00
(1 reviews)
  • new
  • for new 3ds xl/ll
  • case
RM 19.00 -51%
RM 39.00
RM 431.00 -35%
RM 664.00
South Korea
3DS Pokemon moon with Lunala Figure (US)
  • Includes Lunala Figure
  • Playable in 2D and 3D
  • Online interactions
RM 249.00
Mario Party Star Rush - Nintendo 3DS
  • Break free of turn order, with all players plotting strategy, rolling the dice, and moving. all simultaneously!
  • Team up with your friends in the real world to compete to take down bosses in each game board. Mario Party fun is back and better than ever for multiplayer.
  • Rated "E"; Everyone w/ Mild Cartoon Violence
RM 288.00 -30%
RM 409.00
South Korea
Nintendo Switch Mario Odyssey Edition with RED Joy-Con FREE 2 Games (1 YEAR WARRANTY)
(2 reviews)
  • One player can use a Joy-Con in each hand
  • Two players can each take one
  • Multiple Joy-Con can be employed by numerous people for a variety of gameplay options (additional Joy-Con sold separately)
  • Slip a set of Joy-Con into a Joy-Con grip accessory, mirroring a more traditional controller. Or, select an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.
  • Bring together up to 8 Nintendo Switch systems for local face-to-face multiplayer.
RM 2,199.00 -4%
RM 2,299.00
Installment: 12 x RM 183.25
Wp Kuala Lumpur
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Nintendo Malaysia

Nintendo’s name has always been associated with video games, since its history pretty much shaped how we play games today day. After the crash of 1983, the brand stood alone and continued to develop systems that would revive video games into what they are now. People from different generations have had experiences with the brand, each stating how the Japanese group innovate gaming. Nintendo’s idea of making consoles and games remain consistent throughout the generations.

The quality, story, and fun factor of the games they developed are often ahead of its generations, that some titles are considered timeless by hardcore gamers out there. Super Mario and Pokémon have been developed many years ago but the impact these two have on children and adults alike is very large. As a whole, Nintendo is a giant conglomerate that has the entire gaming industry’s history at the back of its shoulders.

Nintendo: The Leader in Handheld Gaming Industry

Despite Nintendo’s strong connections to the entire industry, the company’s mastery of the handheld gaming concept was still the feature most known by people. First seen with the Gameboy, the brand continued developing the right consoles to play on the go. Today, the DS, and 3DS are dominating the market of portable videogames, even incorporating their flagship titles in these portable gadgets. You can get the best Nintendo 3DS price in Malaysia and the best Nintendo DS price in Malaysia on Lazada Malaysia.

Nintendo is also quite known to make games for all ages, focusing on family-oriented games that you can play with your family. The Nintendo Wii has been famous for this category, with Wii Sports taking the cake for moms and dads out there who want to play with their children. Overall, the influence of this multinational corporation is very strong, that even non-gamers would be familiar with the characters created by this brand.

Why choose Nintendo devices?

  • Nintendo holds the most popular gaming titles in the world
  • Their games cater to all ages and genders and are family-friendly
  • Constant and free updates to their consoles and handhelds of the phone’s features
  • Innovative with their technology, producing newer ways to play their classic titles

    The Nintendo DS series

  • Product overview: The Nintendo DS series is the brand’s most popular handheld console, known for its incorporation of a bottom touchpad and stylus. The DS was innovative since it was also the first device to use LED technology to enhance the visuals of the games being played there.
  • Nintendo DS Lite: The DS Lite is a more connective and Internet-enabled version of the DS. The series is also impressive because of its full HD screen and more responsive touchpad
  • Nintendo DSi / XL: The final release of the DS boasts size and durability. The DSi takes what works, fixes all the bugs, and puts more connectivity into the handheld console. The DSi also gives users the ability to download games online

    Nintendo 3DS series

  • Product overview: The Nintendo 3DS incorporates what made the DS famous and enhances its graphics to include an adjustable 3D wheel. The high-end graphics of the device also allows the handheld to play games from the previous home consoles with much higher resolution and more fun gameplay.
  • Nintendo 2DS: The 2DS is the brand’s attempt to make a budget console device. This gaming device uses the same engine with the 3DS without the 3D function and foldable design. This device also focuses more on Internet gaming.
  • New Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL: The series’ latest and newest flagship. The New 3DS fixes all the broken features of the original 3DS and add an additional movable stick for a better player-character interaction

    Nintendo Games and Accessories

  • Nintendo DS games : The Nintendo DS games come in chip format. This gaming library include: Nintendogs, Pokemon 4th/5th generation series, New Super Mario Bros, 4/6 games in one.
  • Nintendo accessories: Nintendo does not come short with reliable accessories that help you play your games better. The gaming peripherals include a 3DS AC adaptor, gaming peripherals for Wii, smart case for Nintendo DS.
  • Nintendo 3DS games include: The limited, but effective library of both New and traditional 3DS consoles include Pokemon 6th generation series, New Super Mario Bros 2, Mario Kart 7.