Lazada Online Revolution Blogger Contest 2017

Coinciding with the Online Revolution sales ( that will take place from 11 November to 14 December, we are pleased to share with you our special Online Revolution Blogger Contest!

To participate, please check the instructions below:

How to Join – Online Revolution Blogger Contest

1. The contest runs from 1 November until 14 December 2017.

2. To take part in this contest, each contestant needs to answer to all the questions specified below and write in their post:

 a. Do you remember the first product that you ever purchased online? What was it and how was your experience?
 b. Which types of products would you prefer buying online?
 c. What to you love about online shopping?
 d. Which products did you buy or are you planning to buy on Lazada during the Online Revolution sales?

3. Contestants need to mention the Online Revolution ( that will take place from 11 November to 14 December 2017.

4. The article must contain screenshots of the products mentioned in point 2.d.

5. Contestants are required to submit the link to their article via e-mail to with the subject titled: Lazada Online Revolution Blogger Contest.

6. Contestants are welcomed to post the article in any language.

7. Winners will be selected at random.

Prizes – More Participants, More Winners!

Depending on the overall number of participants there will be either 25, 50, 80 or 111 winners:

Less than 200 Participants (RM3,150 to 25 winners):

 1st Prize: 1 x RM300
 2nd Prize: 9 x RM150
 3rd Prize: 15 x RM100

More than 200 Participants (RM6,150 to 50 winners):

 1st Prize: 1 x RM500
 2nd Prize: 15 x RM150
 3rd Prize: 34 x RM100

More than 350 Participants (RM10,400 to 80 winners):

 1st Prize: 1 x RM750
 2nd Prize: 35 x RM150
 3rd Prize: 44 x RM100

More than 500 Participants (RM14,500 to 111 winners):

 1st Prize: 1 x RM1,000
 2nd Prize: 50 x RM150
 3rd Prize: 60 x RM100

Terms & Conditions – Online Revolution Blogger Contest

1. The winners will be notified within seven (7) days from the last day of the contest via e-mail (“Notification”). The Notification will contain instructions on how to claim the prize, which should occur within seven days from the date of the Notification. We may opt to announce the results of the contest in our social media page and/or other platforms owned and operated by us.
2. Contestants must be legal residents of Malaysia aged 18 years and above as of the first day of the contest and must operate a blog.
3. If any winner (or any substitute winner) is or becomes ineligible, cannot be reached, or fails to claim the Prize within seven (7) days of receiving the Notification, the prize will be forfeited and Lazada will select a substituted winner. If, having attempted to contact a winner and a substitute winner, Lazada is unable to award a prize, Lazada reserves the right to consider the prize unclaimed.
4. Contestants shall only submit original materials and warrant that the content of their submission do not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights.
5. Any entries containing third party intellectual property rights that are used without prior consent from the rights holder, or are abusive, inappropriate, offensive or contain obscene language or imagery will be disqualified. Examples of language/images considered to be inappropriate, offensive or obscene, include (but are not limited to): any message/image which contains (a) swearing; (b) comments or actions which appear to be discriminatory of any person, company or group of individuals, for example comments of a racist, sexist or homophobic nature; (c) sexual innuendo, sexual language or sexual acts, actions or gestures; (d) promoting any illegal unlawful activity such as drug use; (e) any message/image that appears to be an advertisement or solicitation to buy; and (f) any materials (whether written or visual) that directly or indirectly relate to Lazada Malaysia competitors or that show any intention of promoting any brand other than Lazada Malaysia.
6. By participating in this contest, Contestants grant Lazada Malaysia and its partners and affiliates an irrevocable, royalty free, perpetual, license to use their Articles (including all copyrighted material contained therein) and/or to feature them in any advert or promotional material as well as the right to use their personal data for the purposes of this auction or for marketing purposes. Contestants further agree to release Lazada Malaysia from any liability whatsoever related the contest, unless any damage they have suffered is the direct result of Lazada Malaysia's fraud or willful misconduct.
7. Lazada Malaysia reserves the right to change, suspend or alter the terms and conditions of the contest, or terminate the contest, at any time and for any reason.
8. Lazada Malaysia’s decisions on all matters relating to this contest are final and binding and no correspondence will be entertained.
10) Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”):
a) By participating in this contest, all contestants consent to allow Lazada Malaysia to process and disclose to any third party, all personal data of the contestants provided by the contestants pursuant to this contest for any and all purposes relating to this contest and any and all other activity relating to or arising from the course of business or businesses of Lazada Malaysia including, without limitation for the running of this contest and or any event or publicity of the contest in any form or through any media without additional compensation, notification or permission.
b) The contestants acknowledge that Lazada Malaysia is authorised to process the personal data provided pursuant to this contest in accordance with its privacy policy which can be found on
c) For further details or any enquiries regarding this clause and privacy policy of Lazada Malaysia, please contact our Customer Service.

For any feedback or inquiries, please contact us on this email: