Gather your exceptional quality archery equipment at Arrouha Archery Malaysia

Arrouha Archery Malaysia has been a leading brand manufacturing superior quality archery equipment for many years. Archery is a refreshing sport requiring a keen vision and steady posture. It is a traditional game that uses a bow and arrow with targets at various distances according to different competitions. Moreover, they have rigorous monitoring methods for ensuring the use of premium quality fabrics and materials in their equipment. This store presents many items, including safety guards, arrow bags, target boards, bowstrings, and more, to its customers.

An excellent collection for selecting your gadgets

This brand prioritizes its customer's satisfaction and needs by distributing an excellent quality of every product. Before diving into the world of archery, you must complete your checklist for a smooth experience. An essential item needed for shooting is a suitable and sturdy built arrow. Furthermore, the selection of a perfect one is a crucial task for an archer. This store sells all the major types, including fiberglass arrows, aluminum arrows, carbon arrows, and composite arrows. Fiberglass and aluminum ones are a perfect pick for your initial journey as an archer.

Moreover, they are durable, uniform, and straight. On the other hand, composite arrows are selected mainly by professional archers due to their enhanced accuracy and superior material quality. A wide range of arrow points or tips is also available, including bullet points, broadheads, and bow fishing points. A safety guard is recommended for all players as they protect you from any abrasion or retraction injury. In addition, Arrouha Archery provides arms guards, chest guards, and thumb guards to its customers. A thumb guard protects your thumb from bruising as a result of bowstring stretching and arrow release pressure.

This sport has two main categories, target and field/hunting archery. Whichever type is preferred by you, the bow is an integral part of the archery tools kit. This brand specializes in the manufacturing of recurves, compound bows, longbows, and crossbows. Recurves are the most common ones utilized by beginners as well as professionals. They have immense shooting power due to their curving structure that joins the riser and manufactures different robust materials. In addition, you can go for longbows for a more direct experience, whereas compound ones provide an advanced mechanism for shooting. 

Arrouha Archery Malaysia – A top choice among professional and novice archers

It is a peaceful and relaxing sport with various health benefits such as enhancing your focusing ability and builds up the strength of your arms, chest, and shoulders. Furthermore, it also develops fingers' flexibility with excellent body coordination. You can select arrows from various lengths according to your posture, bow size, and feasibility. Target boards, differently made bows, and guarding equipment are continuously manufactured concerning the emerging needs of archers. Their purpose is to ensure that archers enjoy the sport with exceptional concentration and quality archery gear. So, discover the exciting collection and pick the most suitable one for yourself.