Pamper your skin and hair with Simple Beaute

If you are looking for intense and nourishing personal care, include Simple Beaute in your daily regime. This is a French skincare brand known for its expansive range of skincare, haircare, and body care products. Not only for retail but the brand is also known for its professional products and services. From cleansing and nourishment to sun protection and glow, there are products for everything. With the use of organic ingredients, these suit all types of skin and result in a supreme glow. Include these in your daily beauty regime and enjoy a stylish and pretty look like never before.

Invigorate your skin with Simple Beaute

Indulging in the best of beauty products is nothing less than self-pampering and one of the first steps of a personal care regime. Featuring an extensive range of skincare products, Simple Beaute has products for every skin care problem. Cleaning the face and body is the first step for a glow, and the products of the cleanse range from this brand are an expert in this. The 3-in-1 magical water works as a make-up remover solution and even doubles up as a cleansing toner. The Gentle cleansing milk takes out all the make-up particles along with dust and pollutants from the face and neck area. The magical purifying water and facial gel bring in the glow.

The Protect Range has quite a few gentle masks that exfoliate and nourish effectively. If you are worried about wrinkles and age lines, go for Act 3. This mask comprises aloe vera, baobab oil, shea butter, Inca oil, seaweed extract, and jojoba extract that help in tightening and offer deep nourishment. You can also try their comforting mask. Loaded with floral water, organic glycerine, cupuacu butter, and avocado oil, it makes a face soft, plump, and fresh.

The brand has an exclusive sun protection range that comes with SPF factors. The sun cream and lotion have elements that block the harmful UVA and UVB rays from reaching the exposed area and eventually control blemishes, patches, pigmentation, and suntan. You can use these products before going out and enjoy sun exposure, keeping all your worries at bay. Moreover, there are different types of lotions catering to various skin tones and problems.

Enjoy all-inclusive wellness and personal care experience 

Do you think beauty and wellness are only about skin and hair care? Then you are living in a myth! Along with these, body care is also very crucial, and Simple Beaute has an exclusive range for this. The Sparkling Body Milk, melt-in body scrub, cream, and balm remove pigmentation, reduce blemishes, firm the skin and make it glow. You can use them daily to rub-off dust and dead skin from the hands and legs. The hand and nail cream and foot moisturizer keep these areas soft and nourished. If you want to enjoy a smooth and soft face and body, pick the appropriate products from the Simple Beaute range and streamline your beauty and wellness regime.